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Geeky Tech has got you covered.

You have a solid marketing strategy. Now, all you need is a digital presence that reflects your technology’s real-world authority. When you’re doing work that speaks for itself, you don’t need to sell to people – you need to be in front of them. 


And that’s where we come in.

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We Help World-Changing Tech Companies Do More

We are a digital marketing agency that specialises in search engine optimisation and paid advertising for technology companies. All our bespoke digital marketing services are done in-house by our team of expert Geeks who can help you…

We’re Here for the Results

Not all digital marketing agencies are created equal. The job of an SEO team isn’t to do what you tell them; it’s to know exactly what you need and how to make it happen.


Using organic search and digital advertising, we find out where your customers are and how they search for your product or service. We then leverage what we know about your target audience to map out your organic and paid digital strategy, so that your customers can always see you, even when they’re not looking.

Our Digital Marketing Services

We work with businesses we believe in: technology companies that are changing the world and doing incredible things.

Turn your website into your greatest digital asset. We provide SEO for technology companies and help them get noticed with a solid organic SEO strategy that boosts rankings and drives high-quality traffic to their site. We take keyword research, on-page optimisation, and authority building to a whole new level. Outrank your competitors and generate ongoing sales with our blended SEO approach.

Paid Media

Get instant results with a paid-media strategy that spans multiple digital channels. We’ll help you develop a profitable ad campaign that reaches a wider range of highly targeted customers using our comprehensive analytics and programmatic advertising tools. Expand your reach with Google Ads, social media ads, and programmatic display advertising.

Our Customers

We work with B2C and B2B technology companies who want to change the world with their products or services.

When we say “tech” we mean software, hardware, SaaS, you-run-it tech, you-make-it tech, you-work-it tech, you-sell-it tech, you-live-by-it tech, you-are-it tech… So yeah, tech. If that describes your company, let’s speak Geek together! 


If the extent of your tech knowledge is checking emails and doing a bit of online shopping (you know, after your friend’s son has politely shown you how to get onto the interwebs), then maybe we aren’t the right fit for you. We’re not too sure you’d be at all interested in associating with a bunch of Geeks who speak as passionately about Google Analytics as normal people do about football.

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Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

still from testimonial video with Lee Butz from District Technologies
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“We’ve gone from never having any organic web enquiries to acquiring clients and receiving multiple demo requests within a couple of months of the new site going live! I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

Hannah Lloyd Jones District
Hannah Lloyd-Jones

Marketing Manager at District Technologies

“Thanks to Geeky Tech’s work on our organic search optimization, we now outrank our biggest competitor.”

Lee Butz District
Lee Butz

CEO & Founder at District Technologies

“The team got the landing page and ad campaign set up within a week, and we began to see our ad listings at the top of the search results immediately. While we’re just a few days into the campaign, I can already see we’re getting lots of new visitors that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

Tim Canfield
Tim Canfield

Marketing Manager Conidia Bioscience / Fuelstat®

“We’ve really struggled in the past with other agencies either not understanding our needs or not being able to deliver on their promises. It’s the complete opposite experience with Geeky Tech. They surprised us every step of the way and truly are completely different from other agencies.” 

David Mitchell
David Mitchell

Global Manager for Aviation Markets

“We would have remained buried in Google page obscurity if it wasn’t for Geeky Tech’s help. We are so grateful we invested in the right SEO company to help us reach the right customers.”

Rick Brownlow
Rick Brownlow

CEO & Co Founder - Geektastic

“We’re now generating leads through our website, which is fantastic for us. We’ve moved up in the rankings on Google. We’re hitting a helluva lot more first-page results than we did before, which is all fantastic and what we wanted.”

Ollie Turner
Ollie Turner

Purchasing Manager from Lyon Managed services

“Their level of knowledge and commitment to ensuring that the right elements of our website were found by our target audience was fantastic. Always easy to deal with, I am very pleased with the results that he and his team delivered.”

Darren Bindert
Darren Bindert

Head of Marketing at Syscomm Ltd

“Really great team, great work and the results are fantastic. Have been incredibly helpful at all stages of the process.

Simon Lee
Simon Lee

Founder and CEO of Glance Creative

“Patricia and Holly were both amazing, I have never had a web project go so smoothly & delivered ahead of schedule. If you need a reference please point them in my Direction”

Andre Armstrong

Head of Marketing CAE Technology Services

Geeky Tech Geeks having a meeting
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Geeky Tech team on a charity mission
Our People Make Us What We Are

Our quest to be the best SEO company started as any company does…On a dark and stormy night…

….An unruly bunch of freelancers assembled from various corners of the world, licking their wounds from previous nine-to-five jobs, united in a single dream to never have to work a regular job again. 


SEO gave us that glimmer of hope we had long been searching for. Exhausted from corporate fatigue, we took up the gauntlet and treaded wearily but hopefully down the unknown path of search marketing, not knowing where we were headed, but bolstered by our ambition and the promise of success.


Here we are, ten years later. With the help of SEO, we fulfilled the dream of our freelancestors: to build a successful company without selling our souls (ooooh, aaaahh). Organic search was our brick and mortar and each one of a skilled mason.

Geek Speak

We know, we know—we can’t get enough of digital marketing either. Enjoy this complimentary in-house content for whenever you’ve got the SEO itch.

Accreditation Badges

Some folks win Oscars, others Nobel Prizes. Hey, check out our shiny accreditations.

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