2x More Monthly Organic Traffic in Just Six Months: Gravitee’s SEO Success Story

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Gravitee is an end-to-end API management platform

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Gravitee was looking for an SEO agency that was geeky enough to speak its language and find the right audience for its API management platform. 


We utilised our tech industry experience to cultivate a strong keyword strategy to attract users away from Gravitee’s biggest competitors, and in just six months, we helped the team double their traffic to over 10,000 organic monthly users.

Ahrefs data showing steep increase in ranking keywords from August 2022 onward.

The Challenge

API management is a highly technical—albeit highly lucrative—niche market that most of us, consumers and businesses alike, interact with on a daily basis. That being said, not every agency knows what an API is let alone how to help an end-to-end API management platform create an enticing B2B marketing campaign. 


Which was exactly what the folks at Gravitee were dealing with. They had their fair share of experiences with agencies who ultimately struggled to understand their market, and therefore, couldn’t deliver the results they were hoping for. They knew the value of SEO and so they knew they wanted to work with a team that spoke their language.


Luckily, the gods of geekdom put Gravitee on our path. 

Ahrefs data showing major boost in referring domains (backlinks), which contributed to Gravitee’s traffic spike.

The Solution

Fortunately, we know our way around B2B SaaS, and even though this was our first experience working with an API platform, our years partnering with technology companies and other platforms gave us the primer we needed to research Gravitee’s competitors and develop a plan to compete with established names in the industry.


But, of course, keyword research is only one of the three major building blocks of SEO. We also helped our friends at Gravitee create new web pages, which we then optimised as they were published and then monitored. We then made sure that Gravitee’s goals and tracking were set up correctly and ensured they understood how to keep track of their organic results. 


Lastly, we gave Gravitee’s authority a boost by creating backlinks from credible and high-quality sites related to technology and software, as well as other related business sites.

Google Search Console data demonstrating an 86% increase in monthly clicks from July 2022 to Feb 2023

The Results

After the team’s setup month, it only took six months for Gravitee’s traffic to double and to see a huge spike in activity from our backlinks.


We knew that the key to increasing Gravitee’s rankings was finding the right industry keywords to appeal to its target audience. Because the Gravitee team understood SEO’s potential, they worked hard to achieve these incredible results that they’re still seeing today.

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