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Geektastic helps companies find the best candidates by building peer-reviewed code challenges for developers. 

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Key Deliverables

Geektastic found itself at a crossroads: it needed to attract two distinct audiences, but had no clear pathway to either. We gave its site the full SEO treatment, and within just one year, it became a powerhouse in its niche.


By implementing a dynamic SEO strategy that included laser-focused keyword research, technical SEO, and a powerful backlink approach, we helped Geektastic achieve astounding results that are still paying off years later. 


Keep reading to find out how we put Geektastic on the map. 

The Challenge


In July 2017, Geektastic had launched a platform for a fairly new service that offered technical assessments and code challenges for both sides of the hiring process. In other words, it positioned itself as:

Because it was new, Geektastic had no brand authority to speak of. And because it hadn’t determined a strategy to attract its two target audiences, it wasn’t ranking for any search terms that drove coders or hiring managers to its website. Did we mention it only had a £8,000 budget?

“We would have remained buried in Google page obscurity if it wasn’t for Geeky Tech’s help. We are so grateful we invested in the right SEO company to help us reach the right customers.”

Rick Brownlow
Rick Brownlow

CEO & Co Founder

The Solution

SEO isn’t rocket science but it does help to work with people who know what they’re doing. 


Nothing we did for Geektastic fell outside the scope of the services we’ve been perfecting since the dawn of time, but their two opposing target audiences was a fun challenge to overcome.


Fine-tuning Geektastic’s target keywords turned into a fruitful exercise that yielded them the incredible results you see below.

The Results

Within a year, and on just that small SEO budget, the collaboration with Geektastic led to:

Although Geektastic was limited by its own budget, we still helped them get not only “on the map” but on page one of Google, no small feat for such a tiny budget. 

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