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+745% New Traffic in Just Twelve Months

“We would have remained buried in Google page obscurity if it wasn’t for Geeky Tech’s help. We are so grateful we invested in the right SEO company to help us reach the right customers.”

Rick Brownlow
Rick Brownlow

CEO & Co Founder

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Who Is Geektastic?

Geektastic helps companies find the best candidates by building peer-reviewed code challenges for developers.


We applied our tried-and-tested SEO techniques, and within just 12 months we achieved these amazing results.

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Why Geektastic Partnered With Us

In July 2017, Geektastic was launching a fairly new concept. It positioned itself as a technical assessment and code challenge platform for either side of the hiring process: As a source for peer-reviewed coding challenges that hiring managers could use to test their candidates, and as a recruiter for coders to actually create these coding challenges. It needed to target both…it was targeting neither. 


Because it was a new site, Geektastic didn’t have much authority or online presence. It had no mentions, no traction, and very little traffic. There was no off-page SEO to speak of. And because it had not determined a strategy to attract its two target audiences, it wasn’t ranking for any keywords that drove the right people to its website.


In other words, Geektastic’s website needed the full SEO treatment with a solid keyword strategy and off-page optimisation to boost its site authority.

The Geeky Approach

All of our clients are taken through a step-by-step process that starts with laying the foundations for keyword strategy and ends with solidifying domain authority.


Here’s an example of what we did and how we did it:

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Technical SEO & UX
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