Head of Branded Foundations 

Nicole Limberios

I work with our off-page SEO specialists and am in charge of your company’s branded social profiles and business directories.

Nicole Limberios

My Experience at Geeky Tech

My role at Geeky Tech is all to do with building and optimising branded social media accounts and business listings for our clients’ websites; this helps give trust and authority to sites. I also build our clients’ syndication networks. My other role is to help with Geeky Tech’s own marketing, such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. 

Working for Geeky Tech gives me the flexibility to work around any event I want to go to, and to avoid rush-hour traffic, so I can actually get there! I have the freedom to work when I want. The main highlight is working with similar-minded people who also don’t want a typical job and enjoy constantly learning new and interesting things.

I am located in Manchester.

What Makes Me a Geek the Geekiest

I collect a lot of music memorabilia: vinyls, CDs, and special editions of albums from my favourite artists (even if they have to be exported from the US/Asia and end up flying around the world to get to me). Since 2005, I’ve been automatically tracking the music I listen to daily on a website, which allows me to find new artists and songs for my extensive Spotify playlists. I also collect ticket stubs from any event I go to, such as music concerts, comedy gigs, or football matches. 

I know far too many random facts about Manchester United and football in general. 

I went to a Supernatural convention in the UK with Chloe to meet the actors from the show. 

Nicole and Craig
Nic in Barcelona
Nic and Chloe cat ladies
Nic at a Shakira concert

My Office Claim to Fame

Britney Spears’s Facebook page reposted my Britney fan page, which currently has around 26,000 likes. #FREEBRITNEY