SEO Strategist

Christian Scott

I work on both your on-page SEO and your site authority by optimising your pages and creating topically relevant backlinks.

Christian Scott

My Experience at Geeky Tech

I am involved in SEO strategy, as well as outreach and backlink creation. Working for Geeky Tech has been the highlight of my career to date! I’ve never worked with such a knowledgeable and easy-going bunch of Geeks that have taught me a tonne.

Being based in south-west London and working in a remote environment allow me the flexibility I need to juggle all my commitments outside of work, which is unlike any other job I’ve had before.

What Makes Me a Geek the Geekiest

I’m a massive gaming geek! I’ve been playing video games since the release of the Playstation One, and I run a gaming channel/website as a hobby. I’m passionate about technology and fascinated with the world-changing potential technology has, so Geeky Tech is the perfect place to be!

Christian in Hastings
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My Office Claim to Fame

I once went for dinner with Len Goodman (ex-Strictly Come Dancing host) and his wife when I was in LA a couple of years back. Very nice man, obsessed with baseball!