Technical SEO

Milica Kovacevic

I optimise websites to enhance their search engine performance and user experience. My responsibilities include website audits, on-page SEO, conversion tracking, SEO migrations, and ensuring that our clients’ websites are technically sound and search-friendly.

Milica Kovacevic

My Experience at Geeky Tech

Working with the technical team at Geeky Tech is both exciting and rewarding. We tackle technical SEO challenges together, ensuring our strategies are effective and innovative. My role involves constant learning and adaptation, making each day a new adventure in the best company.


I’m located in Hobro, Denmark.

What Makes Me a Geek the Geekiest

I used to be an archaeologist, digging up ancient artefacts and solving historical mysteries. Now, I dig through data and search engines with the same enthusiasm—just with fewer shovels and more caffeine.

milica medieval2

My Office Claim to Fame

I have 10 cats, seven of which are black. I also have a big white dog that thinks he’s a cat.


I used to traumatise 5,000 armoured men by telling them their gear wasn’t historically accurate (I was the head of the authenticity committee for the Historical Medieval Battle International Association).


I’ve been involved in historical reenactment since 2010.