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661% More Traffic in Just Six Months

“Geeky Tech has far exceeded our expectations. We are so impressed with the results. Would highly recommend!”

Irit Gillath

Chief Marketing Officer - Pillir.io

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Who Is Pillir?

Pillir.io offers the only low-code development platform that allows users to take legacy custom code and business processes and automatically convert them to modern mobile-friendly applications. 


We applied our tried-and-tested SEO techniques, and within just six months we achieved the amazing results you see below.

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Why Pillir Partnered With Us

When we first met with the folks at Pillir, we realised almost immediately that we were dealing with a very unique customer. It turns out, it’s really hard to define and describe what Pillir does to someone who isn’t familiar with SAP business applications, especially since it was a whole new type of product.


The first challenge, obviously, was figuring out who the customers were so that we could start mining the kinds of things they were searching for. This would help us develop a list of keywords, which is the foundation of SEO. 


As it stood, the folks at Pillir hadn’t quite optimised their web pages with user experience or SEO best practises in mind.

The Geeky Approach

We’ve spent years fine-tuning our SEO service into what it is today. All clients are taken through a three-step process that starts with laying the foundations for keyword strategy and ends with solidifying domain authority.

Here’s an example of what we did.

Keyword Strategy
Technical SEO & UX
Backlink Strategy
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