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How Our Clients Did Last Month

Month-over-month traffic trends. Source: Google Search Console

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“After implementing the suggestions Ben made in his free video, I saw more of an impact on my keyword rankings than I have in the last six months with my current agency.”

Stephen Souch

Managing Director

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“Working with the team was delightful, at every stage of the development of our website the team worked above and beyond what we had asked for.”

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Rhammel Afflick

Communications & Media Coordinator

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134% More Monthly Impressions in Just 9 Months

This touchscreen software has since made huge leaps in business and education thanks to its competitive rankings.

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“Coming from such a competitive industry, I really appreciate how Geeky Tech helped us set realistic expectations about our SEO potential. We’re very pleased to watch our rankings go up and up!”

Phill Bridge
Phill Bridge

Digital Marketing Manager

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52% More Impressions in Just 4 Months

“Companies looking for SEO services should be prepared for a partnership in the full sense of the word.”

sion lawrance
Sion Lawrence

Head of Marketing

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“I’ve worked with Ben and Geeky Tech for the past year. I have been very impressed that they were able to provide the perfect mix of technical SEO and content marketing for our business. Their level of knowledge and commitment to ensuring that the right elements of our website were found by our target audience was fantastic. Always easy to deal with, I am very pleased with the results that he and his team delivered. If you have the chance to work with Ben – take it. Your business will thank you for it!”

Darren Bindert
Darren Bindert

Head of Marketing

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815% More Impressions in Just 12 Months

This 24/7 SOC has become a fierce competitor in the cybersecurity industry.

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“Really great team, great work and the results are fantastic. Have been incredibly helpful at all stages of the process.”

Simon Lee
Simon Lee

Founder and CEO of Glance Creative


427% More Monthly Clicks in Just Over a Year

More visibility means more incoming traffic for this AI-powered regulatory intelligence software.

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55% More Monthly Impressions in 10 Months

“Geeky Tech’s SEO services were so effective that we soon had more inquiries and leads than we knew what to do with.”

Stephen Ballard

Managing Director

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150% More Monthly Clicks in Just Six Months

This video production company saw a huge increase in incoming traffic thanks to our tried-and-tested SEO.

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163% More Goal Completions in Just 5 months

“Geeky Tech’s service was straightforward and effective. They didn’t waste time with the upsells—they just got to work improving our site’s visibility.”

daniel plante cytiva
Daniel Plante

Global SEO/SEM Leader