A Case Study in SEO, Migration, and Paid Media

How We Increased Avantra's Organic Site Traffic by 360%

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The Challenge

Avantra is an industry-leading software solution that provides an AIOp platform for SAP software.

When we met with the marketing manager at Avantra, she was looking for a team to help her fix the site’s migration issues. Originally named Syslink Xandria, the site was migrated to Hubspot and rebranded as Avantra. And when it did, the site rankings and traffic had dropped significantly. 


There were other agencies involved and they hadn’t gone through the proper pre-migration steps to ensure the move was seamless. It had become a tangled mess. It also had another issue: its site authority. In the real world, Avantra was an SAP authority. It had loads of content about SAP, but the site was too messy for Google to really understand its business, which meant that Avantra wasn’t receiving the reward for its credibility.


In short, Avantra needed an agency that could help them resolve its migration problems, increase its site authority, and generate awareness and demand through paid campaigns.

The Geeky Approach
Keyword Strategy
Technical SEO & UX
Backlink Strategy
Paid Advertising

The Results

Page-One Rankings
+ 0 %
Organic Traffic
+ 0 %
Organic Goal Completions
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Paid Ads Conversions
+ 0 %
Avantra Ranking Results Over Eight Months

While the details of our strategy are kept under lock and key, we’re happy to show off the results of our efforts. The presented graph demonstrates the increase in ranked pages, page-one rankings, and ranked keywords over a period of 8 months starting from the day Avantra signed up with Geeky Tech.

Click on the legend keys for more viewing options.

And of course, it’s all about client satisfaction.

Here’s what Avantra thought about the results

“We’ve hired many agencies over the years, and I have to say that Geeky Tech continues to surprise us with its results. We couldn’t have imagined that our site would be fixed, functional, and have so much traffic in such a short amount of time. A big thanks to the team!”

Emily Tippins
Emily Tippins

Chief Marketing Officer - Avantra

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