Content Transformation: How Yoti Achieved 100% More Impressions and 63% More Clicks

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Yoti is a digital identity company that makes it safer for people to prove their identity to businesses while sharing less data.

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Digital identification software company, Yoti,  was already getting a ton of backlinks from government agencies in the wake of the Online Safety Bill and ICO regulation. It was perfectly poised to dominate age verification software—it just needed a team like Geeky Tech to bring it home.


With the help of our keyword strategy and page optimisations, we helped boost Yoti’s online presence to become a world leader in this technology niche.


The Challenge

In such a competitive industry, Yoti couldn’t afford to rely on backlinks alone. While an initial audit proved that its site was technically functional and user friendly, it simply lacked the content it needed to compete with other ID verification SaaS businesses. 

The Solution

Yoti had the site, it had the reputation, and it had millions of app downloads—all it needed was enough content to bolster its online presence, stay competitive, and capitalise on the positive associations it received from the UK government.

“What we found most impressive about this company is their results. After every call, we talk internally and always say, we love those guys.”

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Matt Pendergast

B2B Marketing Director, Yoti

The Results

Yoti’s online presence continues to grow, and with more and more pages being published and optimised every month, we anticipate the results to keep on climbing. 


In March 2023, Yoti received a 10 million-pound investment from Lloyds Banking Group to innovate customer identities and personal data. We’re so thrilled for the team’s success.


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