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Who We Are

We’ve spent the last decade working together as a digital marketing agency, carving out a name for ourselves as world-leading SEO experts.But we didn’t start that way.  

How It All Started

We began our digital-marketing journey as a bunch of bright-eyed freelancers who didn’t want “real” jobs. We started by offering clients primarily outbound marketing services like email and SMS, and then expanded our offers to design, social media management, branding, website development, and hosting. We were the Jack-of-all-trades digital agency…we even found ourselves offering telemarketing (the dreaded cold calls). 

Whilst still hammering the phones and emails, we discovered the magical, mysterious world of search engine optimisation. Little did we know that stumbling upon SEO would take our company on a new path and turn us into the Geeks we are today.

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How We Became Search Engine Marketing  Experts Geniuses

It started with one client asking us to “do SEO” for them. Being unfamiliar with SEO at the time, we outsourced these services to a team who promised us results, and they came…for a time. 

It turned out that the team we outsourced was also outsourcing their SEO services. We didn’t know that, of course, and when we asked them to give our own site the SEO treatment, it worked. 

Everything was smooth sailing. The phone was ringing, our clients were happy, and our SEO was getting results….

But then came Google’s Panda and Penguin updates and our rankings started to drop. 

We couldn’t figure out why, and when we realized that the team we hired didn’t have the answers either, we started to understand that digital marketing agencies all over the place were offering SEO without really understanding how it worked. Needless to say, we stopped outsourcing after that.

If you want something done right, do it yourself, they say.

We knew that we needed to learn everything about SEO from the ground up if we were ever going to call ourselves experts. So, we started to expand our knowledge, absorb as much as we could about keyword strategy and paid advertising, and bring the right kind of experts into our fold to do everything in house.

The results astounded us, and as we began to excel, we realised the power of paid media could also not be ignored. Programmatic display advertising was a mecca for almost instant leads, and again, we realized we had hit another jackpot.

It took some time to get going, but before long, our SEO and paid media results blew our old outbound marketing efforts out of the water. It was a miracle. The game had changed, and we had customers coming to us (no more cold-calling)!

The deeper we got into SEO and paid media, the more complex it became, and the geekier we needed to be, which is why we like to work with tech companies who speak our language. It’s been an interesting journey with a few twists and turns. We have truly loved working with so many different companies that’ve inspired us to become the business we are today.

All the services we offer are done in-house by our very own Geeks. We don’t believe in outsourcing. We’ve been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. We have a very unique way of working together, and with the endless changes in web and search, we can’t risk our clients’ sites with anyone other than a Geeky Tech Geek.

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fully thoroughly smoothly perfectly
If you want something done right,fully, thoroughly, smoothly, perfectly , do it yourself, they say.

Why We Love Working With Tech Companies

It’s easier for tech companies to understand what we do and how we do it. We get that not everyone’s an IT geek, and you don’t need to be!  

But if you struggle to use a computer and don’t have a bit of a passion for technology, you won’t want to listen to our alien SEO and web chatter. 

When you’re mad about world-changing technology and go crazy for gadgets, gizmos, and tech, it makes sense to work in a space you love with people as passionate as you are. It’s easier for us to relate to the end-user, and we can appreciate our customer needs and their customers’ needs, which gets everyone better results.

Our passion for combining life and work makes us the ideal team for tech companies who want to make a difference in the world. At Geeky Tech, our work goes further than just…well, work! We believe in what we do, and love working with other tech businesses who have the same drive to make the world a better place through technology. We believe we have the power to make a change; we’re just waiting for you to join us.

Geeky Tech Culture

We are honest, fair, and set the standard high! 

At our core, we believe work and life should be one and the same. We’ve created a team of people who believe passion and enthusiasm for what you do should come before anything else, and that creating a life you love shouldn’t be held back by the constraints of a job you don’t believe in. That’s just one of the reasons we all work so well together!

We’re dedicated to creating a work environment in which our Geeks can flourish. In fact, it’s one of the secrets of our success. Using some very clever cloud applications and project management tools, our business is run completely virtually, so our team is free to live their lives however they want whilst always remaining connected to each other—and you! 

We’ve discovered this freedom delivers unbelievable results. When you create a team with the same beliefs about work and life, you create a business that’s full of creativity, passion, and plenty of fresh perspectives. This doesn’t mean we don’t take our work seriously…it means we live by our philosophy!

We’re not about blowing our own horn. Find out how we can triple or even quadruple your organic site traffic.


Meet the Geeks

We swear we’re not robots. We are, however, a motley crew of digital nomads living the dream in London, Manchester, Surrey, Cambridge, Turkey, Portugal, Ireland and Morocco. Calling ourselves Geeks isn’t just a clever marketing ploy—it’s kinda what they call people like us.

I mean, what else would they call the founder of the UK’s biggest Britney Spears’ fansite, or a guy who speaks almost fluent Elvish? We’re not above bragging about having one of the top 2% Apex Legends players in our crew either.

Click on our profiles to get the full scope of our geekiness.

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