Technical SEO Professional

Antoinette Jade

I’m responsible for optimising web pages as well as performing regular audits and facilitating SEO migrations. 

Antoinette Jade

My Experience at Geeky Tech

I’m working in the technical SEO department, and I’m really enjoying working with everyone so far! Since they all come from different professional backgrounds, working alongside each geek is helping me grow in my professional career. 

I’m currently based in Rome, Italy. I was originally supposed to move to Estonia, but one thing led to another, and I ended up here where I completed my master’s degree in digital marketing and communications. I’ve been honing my SEO skills and eating delicious pasta ever since. 

What Makes Me a Geek the Geekiest

I crochet my own sweaters, scarfs, hats, and summer cover-ups. My geeky hobby began when I saw a beautiful pillowcase with a hefty price tag—so, I taught myself to make it instead. Now I know why these things are so expensive!

Antoinette Jade rome
Antoinette Jade crochet

My Office Claim to Fame

I’m lucky enough to have been one of the few people that saw the Trevi Fountain empty.