How to Win a Featured Snippet: ObvioHealth’s Pandemic-Era Mission to Be a Leader in Decentralised Clinical Trials

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ObvioHealth is a global digital health organisation providing real-world digital clinical trials that deliver better data.

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The pandemic was an interesting time for the healthcare industry, and companies like ObvioHealth were facing as many challenges as they were opportunities. 


We helped the Obvio team capitalise on the booming popularity of decentralised clinical trials (DCT) and carve out a name for themselves as a major player in DCT technology. Our combination of keyword strategy, technical SEO, and backlink strategy has helped ObvioHealth see a whopping 2023% increase in organic sessions from its targeted audience.

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The Challenge

The landscape of clinical trials changed drastically during the pandemic and our friends at Obvio knew that their technology had become more relevant than ever.


While Obvio’s user-friendly platform was by far one of the most impressive things we’ve ever seen, it was still operating in such a wildly competitive space that it needed more than just its technology to bring in traffic. 


That meant that its website needed to go above and beyond optimisation. To be fair, there was nothing glaringly wrong with Obvio’s site when we came along. Sure, you could tell that it had a marketing team behind it, but it didn’t quite have the SEO focus it needed to climb to page one of Google.

The Solution

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“Geeky Tech has significantly improved the quality of our inbound traffic. They’ve also taken great care to teach us more about SEO, and this has given us great insight into our ongoing marketing strategy both online and offline.”

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Diane Hinkley


The Results

By using our tried-and-tested (and tested, and tested, and tested) SEO techniques and strategies, we helped Sapio Sciences carve out a name for itself in the industry, and become a leading LIMS solution. 


For instance, Obvio’s page for decentralised clinical trials was actually ranking as a Featured Snippet, or position 0, for some months. A Featured Snippet, for those of you who aren’t aware, is basically a highlighted bit of copy that sits at the very top of a Google Search result.


We also helped Obvio through two important SEO migrations—one, a CMS change, and the other a major redesign—without losing SEO gains or traffic. 


To this day, we continue to work with Obvio’s team to monitor their pages and take advantage of new keyword opportunities. 

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