SEO Services Consultant

Chloe Price

I’m in charge of Geeky Tech’s business networking and finding world-changing tech companies we think would make a great fit for our team.

Chloe Price

My Experience at Geeky Tech

My role is to search for relevant potential clients across LinkedIn and other platforms and to create and execute a marketing strategy that will ultimately convert them into customers at Geeky Tech. 


I specialise in finding and connecting with relevant people in the marketing sector for world-changing technology companies. 


I’m a mum to a little girl, who is almost two, with another baby on the way! I’m so thankful for my role at Geeky Tech for allowing me to be a working mum with a flexible working timetable.

What Makes Me a Geek the Geekiest

I have signed autographs and photos with the cast of Supernatural, from a convention that I attended with Nicole, my colleague at Geeky Tech.


I’m passionate about photography, photoshop editing, interior design, arts and crafts, and all things creative. 

Chloe Holly
Chloe Turkey
Nicole and Chloe @ Central Perk
Chloe in Turkey

My Office Claim to Fame