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How We Increased Process Parameters's Site Traffic by 100%

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The Challenge

Process Parameters is a manufacturer of industrial temperature and pressure measurement devices, and an official distributor of Optris infrared thermometers and thermal imaging cameras

When the team at Process Parameters asked for our help, they had already spent the last 16 years building a name for themselves and their UK manufacturing facility. Unfortunately, the company’s online presence didn’t really reflect all the hard work that was happening offline. Google simply did not see who it was or what it was doing, and therefore, it wasn’t rewarding the site with organic rankings.


One of the major problems with the company’s website was its online catalogue. In the absence of a proper ecomm site from which to directly sell their products to customers, the team’s product catalogue was added to the site’s web pages and blog posts. There was no way for their customers to order or even find their products online.


They needed our help building a custom ecomm website and an optimisation plan that would drive organic traffic to their site.

The Geeky Approach
Keyword Strategy
Technical SEO & UX
Backlink Strategy

The Results

Page-One Rankings
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Organic Traffic
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Organic Goal Completions
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Process Parameters Ranking Results Over Two Years

We still want the folks at Process Parameters to like us, so we won’t share the details of our strategy, but we’re happy to show you the results of our efforts. The presented graph demonstrates the increase in ranked pages, page-one rankings, and ranked keywords over a period of 2 years starting from the day Process signed up with Geeky Tech.

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And of course, it’s all about client satisfaction.

Here’s what Process Parameters thought about the results

“We needed to move online by removing customer contact and automating the smaller order without the need for human support, while still being able to offer our tailored bespoke solutions. Last year, we saw a 9% increase on our bottom line. We have acquired new customers from around the world who didn’t know we existed and now have ordered multiple times.”

Jonathan Apperley
Jonathan Apperley

CEO and Founder - Process Parameters

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