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Process Parameters manufactures and distributes a range of industrial temperature sensors, and is a distributor of Optris infrared sensors and thermal imaging cameras.

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Process Parameters was (and still is) a leading UK manufacturer of temperature sensors, but in the digital world, it had zero authority or online presence. 


We accepted the challenge of making the brand a global name by doing what we do best: organic search optimisation. Our Geeks crafted a tailored e-commerce website with a focused keyword strategy, optimised web pages, and an enhanced backlink strategy. 


The result? Thousands of site visits every month and 9% yearly increase of the company’s bottom line.


Scroll down to find out how we helped Process Parameters get on the digital map.

Google Analytics data demonstrating the increasing trend of user sessions over a period of 14 months

The Challenge

When the team at Process Parameters asked for our help, they had already spent the last 16 years building a name for their UK manufacturing facility. 


But their reputation existed only in the real world, and despite wanting to expand their reach through online sales, they had no idea how to make their website work for them. To top it off, their existing site was a confusing web of tangled pages that confused the customer and made it practically impossible to find anything. 


The business needed a team to fix its existing site problems and to set it up for SEO success.

“Last year, we saw a 9% increase on our bottom line. We have acquired new customers from around the world who didn’t know we existed and now have ordered multiple times.”

Jonathan Apperley
Jonathan Apperley

CEO and Founder - Process Parameters

The Solution

Understanding your customer, what they want, and how they search for it on the internet is perhaps the prequel to all other SEO steps. Just as urgently, however, we knew that stripping down and simplifying the site was going to be just as beneficial to Process’s rankings.

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The Results

Within a year, the collaboration led to:

Our plan worked…as we kinda expected it would. We’re not trying to toot our own horns or anything, but all our SEO tactics are based on years of trial and error, so it was no surprise to us when the folks at Process Parameters started seeing real results (you know, the ones that end with happy customers). 

Overall site performance demonstrating upward trends. Data source: Ahrefs

Ahrefs data demonstrating upward trend of organic keywords

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