Content Writer

Sohela Arafat

I research and write content pieces at Geeky Tech.

Writing is what has helped me get the fire back in my boring life. 

Sohela Arafat

My Experience at Geeky Tech

To me, working from the comfort of my home and playing around with articles, ditching the nine-to-five job are even more satisfying. 


Thanks to Geeky Tech for making it possible for me to quit my engineering career and get into what I really enjoy: writing (mostly technical) content.

What Makes Me a Geek the Geekiest

I am an avid reader. From story books to research papers—I actually read everything from cover to cover. I pore over and dig deeper into a topic for hours (take it as good or bad) before I start off writing, as I believe that to yield high efficiency, I need quality input first. Give me anything, and I won’t mind leaving no stone unturned to turn them into copies that will sell. 


I love cooking, writing poetry, and doing crafts. 

Fun fact: I can speak in two other languages besides English and Bengali. 

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My Office Claim to Fame

I have a huge collection of sci-fi and story books.


If you don’t find me working on a nice breezy afternoon, assume I am enjoying tempting foods in my favourite restaurants.