Search strategist

George Matthews

As a search strategist, I help launch and improve SEO and PPC strategies for our wonderful clients. 

George Matthews

My Experience at Geeky Tech

Working at Geeky Tech is amazing. It’s great to be able to work with colleagues that are passionate about what they do and are obsessed with achieving results.


Being remote gives me the flexibility to juggle my many commitments outside of work, such as family and my own creative projects.

I’m located in Northampton, UK but I’m originally an Essex boy. 

What Makes Me a Geek the Geekiest

I have been making music and playing guitar for over 20 years, and I release under the name “Grimmm” (it’s my childhood nickname; you don’t want to know why). I’m a massive hardware geek for both music, computers, cameras, video editing,  SEO, and more.


I also run a website called Your Local Musician, which is a multi-vendor marketplace that sells samples to music producers.


My Office Claim to Fame

I am very distantly related to Freddy Mercury—my great aunt is married to his cousin.