On-Page SEO Best Practices

How to use title, htags and alt text on a web page
how to use title and h tags on a web page
h tags and image best practices

Primary & Secondary Keywords

The primary keyword (in this case, “moon”) should be supported by the secondary keywords. Even if you remove the primary keyword (don’t do this), you should still understand what the page is about from reading the rest of the content. You would reasonably expect a page about the moon to include references to ‘landing’, ‘eclipse’, and ‘orbit’. Every paragraph on the page should contain related keywords to the topic.

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Keyword Placement

Positioning keywords in the right place is crucial. Ranking weight can be applied to keywords positioned in important places like titles, headers, and the first few paragraphs of the main body text. Search engines assess important phrases by measuring their appearance in the document relative to a normal distribution (so no keyword stuffing!). Words and phrases that are relevant to each other often appear close together so bear this in mind when composing your masterpiece.

SEO best practices on keywords placement and frequency
SEO best practices on keywords frequency
SEO best practices on keywords location and distance

Linking & Entities

You should include links to related articles from both your site and other sites using relevant anchor text (clickable text that takes you to another web page). These links help users find relevant articles and give search engines a better sense of context.


Your content should discuss nouns—people, places, objects, concepts, and emotions—that you would reasonably expect to find in an article about the subject. In search engine speak, nouns are known as entities. These entities usually come naturally in your writing if you’re talking about this topic. For example, you’re likely going to mention ‘NASA’, ‘Neil Armstrong’, and ‘Apollo 11’ if you’re talking about the moon.

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How to place links on a web page
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SEO best practices on keywords placement and frequency

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