From a Basic Site to 269% More Clicks in 9 Months: Fission Consulting’s Journey to SEO Excellence

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Fission Consulting is an IT Transformation specialist company offering services in IT carve-outs, data migration, and project management.

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Key Deliverables

What do you do when your service offering is so unique that finding new customers requires more than the usual amount of strategy? You start from the point of view of the customer.


Which is exactly how we helped the folks at Fission Consulting find its footing in the highly competitive SAP and ERP industry. 


Keep reading to find out how Fission’s SEO project became a successful collaboration leading to impressive results. 

The Challenge

When we first met with the folks at Fission Consulting, they had a very basic site by today’s standards. In fact, they were in the middle of trying to upgrade their website. 


They also had a very unique service: IT carve-outs.


None of their pages were optimised for IT carve-outs or their other data migration services, but they knew who their customers were and needed our help getting their attention.

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The Solution

First things first, Fission needed a new site, so we recommended a trusted partner who we knew could get the job done. While they got to work building it, we ran an audit and researched Fission’s target audience’s search behaviour. 


From there, we developed a list of relevant keywords that had the highest ranking potential. We then developed a content calendar for Fission’s writing team to start producing new pages.


Because Fission needed to establish itself as a credible business within the SAP stratosphere, we made sure that the company’s social accounts and directory listings were optimised and up to date.

The Results

Since partnering with Geeky Tech, Fission has seen a huge boost in new and optimised pages, leading to more impressions, more clicks, and more leads. 

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Key Deliverables

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