SEO Strategist

Yusuf Rhoda

As an SEO strategist at Geeky Tech, I dive deep into the world of SEO strategy and sales. My expertise comes from years of experience at agencies like Accenture, but here at Geeky Tech, I get to blend that with our unique and vibrant atmosphere.

Yusuf Rhoda​

My Experience at Geeky Tech

Working here has truly been the pinnacle of my career thus far. I’ve never encountered a team so knowledgeable, passionate, and welcoming—it truly feels like a geek family!


Based in the sunny city of Cape Town, South Africa, and thriving in a remote work environment, I enjoy a level of flexibility that allows me to balance my professional career with my personal commitments unlike any other role I’ve held before.

What Makes Me a Geek the Geekiest

Although I’m really passionate about hiking the outdoors and chasing waterfalls, I am equally a bit of a geek too! I am very passionate about gaming, especially sim racing, and have partaken in quite a number of online racing competitions! I think I could give Sir Lewis a run for his money (in SEO).


In my spare time, I run and co-manage an iGaming affiliate domain to put my SEO to practise.


My Office Claim to Fame

I’m known among my friends and family as quite the proclaimed master chef and even won a local cook-off competition! 


I managed a top 30 fastest lap time in Dubai’s indoor go-kart track (at the time, for the year) 


I have a 8.5 KG Maine Coon cat as a guard dog