1480% More Visibility in Just One Year: Accouter’s Journey to International Success

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Accouter is an international award-winning interior design studio based in London with offices in Dubai and New York.

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How do you enter a highly competitive market in a completely different country while growing your brand in your home city? That’s exactly the task that was set out for us when we met with the managers of this luxury interior design firm.


Keep reading to find out how we used keyword strategy to grow Accouter’s traffic organically.

The Challenge

This award-winning interior design company serving London’s high-end homes had started making a name for itself in Dubai, where luxury interior design is in extremely high demand. But it still struggled with online enquiries. 


The trick was to establish its name in another country without losing footing in its home base.

The Solution

We made sure that the Accouter team’s presence in its home town was solid before moving on to the UAE. To do that, we helped Accouter create and optimise pages using keywords that would attract its target audience, and monitor the results as they came in.

Increase in Impressions

The Results

Accouter has seen nothing but results since signing up with Geeky Tech. They continue to attract clients in London and Dubai, and have since expanded into the New York City market off the back of their success at home.


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