SEO Expert

Mark Hawkshaw-Burn

As the head of keyword research and strategy, my job is to develop a strong keywords strategy to improve your site’s search engine rankings.

Mark Hawkshaw-Burn

My Experience at Geeky Tech

I work mainly on clients’ SEO strategies, helping them on the journey of discovering exactly what they want to rank for within the search engines. 


Teamwork makes the dreamwork, I like to use the team’s skills to give the best possible results for our customers. 


I’m located in Guildford, Surrey. 

What Makes Me a Geek the Geekiest

I become consumed by a subject. I collect trainers and geek out on the model/age/value. Part time, I shoot and edit skateboarding videos, and have a collection of cameras. 

I trial SEO techniques on my own sites. 

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Mark skating

My Office Claim to Fame

In 2018, I was invited on a European tour by Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse Skateboards to film some of the best skateboarders in the world.