150% More Traffic in Just 9 Months: Zatpark’s Quick Shot to Success with Better Page Optimisation

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Zatpark is parking enforcement software and part of Unity5, an enforcement management SaaS company. 

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In a highly competitive SaaS industry, being at the top of your SEO game is crucial. That’s why the folks at Unity5 needed a team to help them fine tune their strategy and improve their web pages for better results.


Keep reading to find out how our SEO techniques quickly skyrocketed the success of this company’s parking enforcement software, Zatpark.

The Challenge

The folks at Unity5 understood the power of SEO and that their site was losing traffic to more visible competitors…they just needed the right team to help them turn their rankings around.

“We know we always have experts on hand whether we need support with analytics, search results, content briefs or PPC.”

Neil Parker Content Strategist Unity5
Neil Parker

Content Strategist, Unity5

The Solution

We partnered with the Zatpark team to help them boost their inbound flow of traffic using our proven SEO methods.

The Results

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In less than a year, we helped the team’s Zatpark software become a leading parking enforcement SaaS. This case study demonstrates the SEO’s unfailing potential. 

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