Battling Digital Goliaths: Sapio Sciences’s 247% Traffic Increase Amidst Fierce Competition

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Sapios Sciences is an all-in-one laboratory informatics platform that offers various lab management solutions, such as LIMS and ELN.

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Key Deliverables

Sapio Sciences faced challenges with a poorly optimised website and underperforming paid advertising campaigns. 



By implementing a targeted keyword strategy, technical best practices, a robust backlink strategy, and a revamped Google Adwords campaign, we helped transform Sapio’s online presence and ad performance and in just over a year, Sapio Sciences was adding major names to its client roster.

Ahrefs data showing increase in organic keywords

The Challenge

When we first met the folks at Sapio Sciences, they didn’t feel like they were getting the most value from their paid advertising campaign, despite having invested a lot of money in Google AdWords.


The website was also not properly set up for optimisation.  They needed help understanding how their target audience searched for their services, and unfortunately, their web pages were missing keywords that would drive organic traffic to their site.


It also should be noted that Sapio’s industry—laboratory information management software—is a highly competitive space with huge marketing teams and multi-million dollar budgets—and while Sapio Sciences had a valuable offering, the team felt like its online presence wasn’t really doing it justice.


Helping out Sapio Sciences required strategic keyword research and a thorough understanding of target audience search behaviour.

Ahrefs data displaying increase in referring domains (or backlinks), which contributes to more traffic and higher rankings.

The Solution

Like we said earlier, Sapio was up against industry giants whose reputations were firmly planted in the ground. To even attempt to compete with the big guys, we helped Sapio create web pages for relevant keywords we knew they could rank for, as well as establish the company’s reputation in the industry by taking charge of their backlinks.

“Geeky Tech has given us a whole new appreciation for SEO. We can’t believe what our numbers look like compared to when we first hired them. Thanks team!”

Kevin Cramer
Kevin Cramer

CEO & Chief Scientist and Founder

The Results

Sapio Sciences Google analytics users oct20 nov22

Google Analytics data displaying increase in monthly users over two years

By using our tried-and-tested (and tested, and tested, and tested) SEO techniques and strategies, we helped Sapio Sciences carve out a name for itself in the industry, and become a leading LIMS solution. 

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