A Case Study in SEO and Paid Media

How We Increased Sapio Sciences's Page-One Rankings by 3450%

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The Challenge

Sapio Sciences is a provider of integrated lab information management system (LIMS) software.

When we first met the folks at Sapio Sciences, they didn’t feel like they were getting the most value from their paid advertising campaign, despite having invested a lot of money in Google AdWords.


Their website was also not properly set up for optimisation. They needed help understanding how their target customer searched for their services, and unfortunately, their web pages were missing keywords that would drive organic traffic to their site.


What they needed was help scaling up their ad campaigns and a website that was designed to attract the right customers.

The Geeky Approach
Keyword Strategy
Technical SEO & UX
Backlink Strategy
Paid Media Strategy

The Results

Page-One Rankings
+ 0 %
Organic Traffic
+ 0 %
Organic Goal Completions
+ 0 %
Paid Ads Conversions
+ 0 %
Sapio Sciences Ranking Results Over Nine Months

It would be rather silly of us to divulge the details of our strategy, but we’re happy to show you the results of our efforts. The presented graph demonstrates the increase in ranked pages, page-one rankings, and ranked keywords over a period of 9 months starting from the day Sapio signed up with Geeky Tech.

Click on the legend keys for more viewing options.

And of course, it’s all about client satisfaction.

Here’s what Sapio Sciences thought about the results

“Geeky Tech has given us a whole new appreciation for SEO and paid advertising. We can’t believe what our numbers look like compared to when we first hired them. Thanks team!”

Kevin Cramer
Kevin Cramer

CEO & Chief Scientist and Founder

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