How We Slashed MedTech’s CPL from $10.5k to $2k and Boosted MQLs by 880% in Just 12 Months

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[Medtech company] is a virtual research organisation that offers decentralised clinical trials with tech-powered data. 

Results in Numbers

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Key Deliverables

Our friends at [Medtech Company] struggled to get qualified leads through their sales funnel with their existing ad campaigns. We showed them what was possible with a bigger budget and a stronger overarching strategy, and within a year, we reduced their CPL from $10.5k to $2k and boosted their MQLs by 880%!

The Challenge

We audited their campaigns and immediately realised that even though their budget was relatively small, they were making some expensive mistakes:

At over $10k/MQL, there was no way this client’s ad campaigns were scalable. It wasn’t just that they were spending too little for such a cutthroat industry, it was that they weren’t spending their money wisely.

The Solution

By helping the team understand their ad budget waste and starting from scratch with relevant, keyword-rich messaging, we significantly improved their PPC performance.

The Results

Better targeting led to more qualified leads based on company and job title. 

Top-Performing Channels

Click-through and conversion rates per channel, 2021 to 2022

According to their head of marketing, achieving an 880% increase in MQLs with only double the budget can be attributed to two factors: hiring us as their PPC agency and adopting our recommended strategy.

“Achieving an 880% increase in MQLs with only double the budget can be attributed to hiring Geeky Tech as our PPC agency and adopting their recommended strategy. The results speak for themselves.”

[MedTech Company]

Head of Marketing

This case study illustrates the transformative impact of our PPC strategies on [MedTech Company]’s lead generation and cost efficiency. With a strategic approach and optimised budget allocation, we delivered exceptional results, showcasing our expertise in B2B technology marketing.

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