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SEO Case Study

163% Increase in organic Goal Completions in 5 months

“Before we started working with the Geeky team, we couldn’t figure out why our site wasn’t getting more visitors. We thought we had done the right thing, but we had no idea how much is needed for a site to be successful. We’re so happy with the results!”

Patrick Degenhardt
Patrick Degenhardt

Head of Marketing - Everledger

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Who Is Everledger?

Everledger specialises in provenance primarily within the diamond, wine, and art industries, and utilises secure technologies, like blockchain, AI and IoT.


We applied our tried-and-tested SEO techniques, and within just 10 months we achieved these amazing results.

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Why Everledger Partnered With Us

When we met Everledger, the owner was already a well-established individual in the blockchain technology industry. She had given TED Talks about blockchain and was rather well-known to everyone who knew even a little bit about the technology. Everledger, and the people behind it, were already considered authorities in their field. 


The problem was, Google didn’t know they existed. They had great off-page SEO, in the sense that there were mentions, reviews, and general buzz. But their website wasn’t optimised, so Google wasn’t ranking it properly.


In short, Everledger’s team needed an SEO agency that could develop a keyword strategy and on-page optimisation that would get them the Google rankings they very much deserved.

The Geeky Approach

All of our clients are taken through a step-by-step process that starts with laying the foundations for keyword strategy and ends with solidifying domain authority.


Here’s an example of what we did and how we did it:

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