Strategic $10K SEO Investment Fuels Everledger's 163% Goal Completion Surge in 5 Months

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Everledger specialises in provenance within the diamond, wine, and art industries, and utilises secure technologies, like blockchain, AI and IoT.

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Key Deliverables

Everledger’s website didn’t really match its reputation as a world authority on blockchain technology. If anything, its site had made it appear more like an amateur start-up rather than the tech pioneer it really was. Despite having high-quality backlinks and mentions, Everledger just wasn’t showing up on Google search results. 


Using our tried-and-tested SEO techniques, we used keyword strategy and technical optimisation to put Everledger on the map, and within a year, the site saw a 200% increase in ranked pages, a 51% boost in new users, and a 163% growth in goal completion.


The best part? The website is still ranking for those keywords three years later.

The Challenge

Everledger presented us with an interesting challenge. Unlike some of our other clients, it was already being mentioned and talked about across the internet, all thanks to its CEO, a prominent figure in the blockchain industry, who had even hosted a TED Talk on this very subject. 


With a reputation like that, you’d think that Everledger was a shoe-in for result #1 for blockchain search queries. 


But…it wasn’t showing up anywhere. 


Since there had been no SEO strategy applied to Everledger’s web pages, Google didn’t even know what to rank the site for. 


Lastly, Everledger’s $10K was adequate to get started, but didn’t really leave much room for error. It needed the most straightforward path to search result #1 before its budget ran out.


The Solution

Despite its modest budget, Everledger’s real-world authority made it really easy for the Geeky Tech team to focus on keyword research and technical optimisation.


In order to optimise its pages, we worked with Everledger to understand its target audience. That important knowledge led us down the path of keyword research and competitor benchmarking, which, fast forward a couple of steps, gave us a list of highly profitable keywords that we could now apply to Everledger’s new and existing pages.


And while we were at it, we ensured Everledger’s pages were fast, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate.

“Before we started working with the Geeky team, we couldn’t figure out why our site wasn’t getting more visitors. We thought we had done the right thing, but we had no idea how much is needed for a site to be successful. We’re so happy with the results!”

Patrick Degenhardt
Patrick Degenhardt

Head of Marketing, Everledger

The Results

Within a year, the collaboration led to:

Keywords, which they are still ranking high for:


It didn’t take long for our efforts to solve Everledger’s traffic problem. With the right keywords and the right on-page techniques, we helped Everledger’s website reflect its real-world authority as a leader in blockchain technology. 


All within budget.

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