Newly Minted Insurance Giant Reclaims Online Authority With 94% More Visibility in Just 8 Months

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[Anonymous] provides technology solutions and TPA services that end-to-end insurance experiences for consumers, advisors, and insurers. 

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What happens when you merge several insurance companies into a single organisation and give it a brand-new identity? You make sure that all the SEO that came before that hasn’t gone to waste.


That’s exactly what Mysterious Insurance Platform (sorry, we were asked to keep the company’s name out of this) was working on when it signed up with us in November 2022. 


Through intelligent acquisition of insurance software brands and technologies, it positioned itself as an end-to-end insurance solution for customers and providers alike. With our expert backlink strategy, keyword research, and technical optimisation, we helped the team’s new brand name gain the notoriety it deserved.

The Challenge

When you take a handful of established brands, mix them all together, and name it something new, there’s a lot of careful planning required to ensure you aren’t completely severing all the good SEO “juice” the other brands have already earned.


That was what motivated *cough* to find an SEO partner that could help the team maintain its rankings and its reputation. 


At the same time, the folks at Insurance Platform Company also needed our help untangling and reassembling their analytics under a single banner so that they could make sense of their traffic and utilise their data to inform their future marketing efforts.

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Google Search Console Data demonstrating clicks since September 2022

The Solution

One of the first things we did was help the team sort out their Google Analytics. They had spent a great deal of time, energy, and money acquiring various insurance products, and now they needed to aggregate everything into a single source of truth.


We then applied our tried-and-tested SEO techniques to research relevant keywords with the highest ranking potential and then set their writers up with the SEO content briefs they needed to create optimised content. Once created, our technical team swooped in and optimised their new pages to maximise page visibility.


With a brand-new name, it was only natural that [Bleep] had very little online presence, so we got to work claiming/rewriting/optimising all of its old accounts to strengthen its brand.

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Impressions data from Sept. 2022 to May 2023. Source: Google Search Console

The Results

Little by little, we helped the brand stand on its own two feet. Through ongoing content creation, page optimisation, and backlink building, we’ve helped the folks at ol’ so-and-so become an indivisible, full-spectrum solution for insurance providers. 


Ahrefs data showing organic traffic increase since September 2022

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