$18k SEO & Content Boost: From Zero Enquiries to Demo Requests in 6 Months

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District Technologies wanted to improve its online presence with a small budget of $18,000. It was our job to use that limited spending to make a big difference in just a few months.


Using our SEO and content strategy, the business went from having zero enquiries to receiving multiple demo requests per month. We tripled its website traffic and helped it achieve 30 page-one rankings using nothing but great content and the right keywords. 


The strategy proved to be so effective that the website continues to perform well three years later

Read on to discover how we transformed the company’s digital marketing landscape and unlocked its potential for growth.

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The Challenge

District Technologies, operating in a dynamic and constantly evolving market, faced the challenges of an underperforming site and zero web enquiries. They were eager to identify their target audience, optimise their website and revolutionise their online presence—creating an engaging, captivating website that would attract and resonate with potential customers.


However, they had only $18,000 as their marketing budget. They also hadn’t identified their target audience. And, the keyword they wanted to target had no search volume at all.

The Solution

“We’ve gone from never having any organic web enquiries to acquiring clients and receiving multiple demo requests within a couple of months of the new site going live! I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

Hannah Lloyd Jones District
Hannah Lloyd-Jones

Marketing Manager at District Technologies

The Results

In just a few months, District Technologies experienced a remarkable transformation. The business started receiving multiple demo requests and acquiring new clients. 


The website achieved a staggering 1200% increase in page 1 rankings, a 443% surge in users, and a 267% growth in goal conversions. 


Impressively, the website’s performance has remained strong even three years later, showcasing the long-lasting impact of a well-executed optimisation strategy.

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Key Deliverables

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