Acquisition-Based Growth: Lyon’s SEO Journey Leveraging Strategic Mergers & Migrations

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Lyon Managed Services is a technology services company serving creative sector businesses in and around London.

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Key Deliverables

Lyon Managed Services sought to be a growing force in IT support for the creative sector embarked on a growth journey through acquisitions without recognizing the SEO potential they held.


Our unique approach helped them understand and leverage the SEO benefits intrinsic to these acquisitions. Through strategic site migration and SEO optimization, we transformed Lyon’s website into a powerful lead-generating asset. 

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The Challenge

Historically,  Lyon Managed Services had grown through brand acquisitions, and had never really considered using SEO. Without organic search optimisation, the parent site had minimal traffic and no lead generation. 


Additionally, the company was missing out on the opportunity to leverage backlinks from its acquired sites to drive traffic and gain new customers. Moreover, the blanket 301 redirects implemented for their newly acquired pages were causing the company to lose existing SEO value.

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Merging Lyon’s acquired businesses helped increase its digital footprint.

The Solution

Because of Lyon’s unique approach to company expansion, our main priority at the beginning of the project was to set up a seamless migration strategy to preserve the authority, credibility, rankings, and traffic from the acquired sites to boost Lyon’s overall online presence.


We then applied our essential SEO techniques to help the company rank for relevant keywords and expand its visibility. At the same time, we ensured the company’s new site was optimised for technical excellence to meet Google’s high standards and attract new customers.

The Results

“We’re now generating leads through our website, which is fantastic for us. We’ve moved up in the rankings on Google. We’re hitting a helluva lot more first-page results than we did before, which is all fantastic and what we wanted.”

Ollie Turner
Ollie Turner

Purchasing Manager, Lyon Managed services

Within just one year of partnering with Geeky Tech, Lyon Managed Solutions witnessed remarkable improvements.


Geeky Tech’s expertise in SEO migration, website optimisation, and strategic keyword research combined together to drive sustainable growth for our client that continues to this day.

Improve your search engine rankings with our bulls*$&-free SEO.

Key Deliverables

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