Instant Results: How a Bit of Free Advice Skyrocketed Culture’s Ad Performance

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Culture.ai is an employee cyber security training platform designed to reduce risk and improve employee cyber security awareness and behaviour.

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Our beginning with Culture.ai was pretty traditional: the marketing manager appreciated the power of SEO, and signed up with us thanks to the strength of our free review. But it was the advice from our advertising audit that helped them achieve immediate results.


Keep reading to learn how a sales call changed Culture’s ad game overnight.

The Challenge

The combination of these factors meant that Culture.ai was losing money reaching out to users outside of its target audience.  

The Solution

Overall, Culture’s ad campaigns were fine, but we recommended just a few optimisation tweaks to take their ad performance from fine to amazing. 

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“We used Geeky Tech to help establish and grow our SEO strategy content and they’ve certainly helped us do that. Everyone is an expert in their respective fields.” 

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Kieran Seymour

Digital Marketing Manager

The Results

When the marketing team at Culture put our advertising advice into action, its paid ad performance immediately improved. We’re happy that the Culture team trusted us enough to try something new, and it’s been paying off ever since. 

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Key Deliverables

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