From Traditional Telemarketing to 1000% Growth: A Security Company's 12-Month Journey to Digital Expansion

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[Redacted] Security manages a state-of-the-art vulnerability management solution. 

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With COVID-19 putting an end to B2B cold-calling, one of our clients—a security company whose name we’ve redacted at its request—had to look outside of traditional marketing to connect with potential clients. We knew that SEO was the solution this team needed to expand its reach and generate leads.

We applied an essential dose of keyword research, technical SEO, and a thorough backlink strategy, and within just 12 months, our friends over at So-and-So Security achieved remarkable success: 93 page-one rankings, over 164,000 average organic impressions per month, and a 1000% growth in goal completions. 


If anything, this case study illustrates how adaptable SEO is to challenging market conditions.

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The Challenge

As a security platform, our friends over at Mysterious Security Co. knew their way around online sales tactics, but even up until the pandemic, the majority of their sales efforts revolved around picking up the phone and talking to people.


There’s nothing inherently wrong with that dinosaur of a sales strategy, but considering its industry, these guys were much better off focusing on an inbound marketing strategy that would support their reputation for being on the cutting edge of security technology.  

The Solution

 Increased traffic through high-quality backlinks

“Geeky Tech completely transformed our online marketing. Now, huge clients are coming to us and we have the Geek Tech team to thank!”


Head of Marketing, [Security Company]

The Results

Within just one year of implementing the SEO strategy, [Security Company] witnessed remarkable improvements in its online presence:

By implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy, [Security Company] was able to overcome the limitations imposed by the pandemic and transform its online presence, resulting in increased traffic, leads, and overall success.

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