A Clearcut Path to $100K in Monthly Revenue: Protera’s SEO Success Story

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Protera is a SAP-certified, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud migration and enterprise managed service provider offering a full suite of modern cloud, modern ERP, and modern work solutions.

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Finding an SEO agency you can trust changes everything. Just ask Protera, a cloud-managed service provider who struggled with getting ahead despite their previous agency’s promises.


Keep reading to discover their journey and to learn how the simple act of choosing the right SEO partner can change everything.

The Challenge

When we first met with the folks at Protera, we heard that they weren’t happy with their current agency. They all had enough of an understanding of SEO to appreciate its worth—and enough to know that they needed to find a better partner.


And when we gave them their initial review, we could see why they were frustrated—their pages were fine, but their site structure was a mess (excuse our French), which was limiting their ranking potential. 

The Solution

The first thing we did was clean up Protera’s site structure to help Google better understand the page priority. We then applied our on-page SEO best practices to ensure Protera’s pages were technically sound and that each page was serving only one keyword. 


At the same time, we worked with the team to develop a list of other keywords and a content calendar to support new-page creation. Meanwhile, we also boosted its authority by claiming and optimising the team’s social profiles and directory listings. 

Increase in referring domains

The Results

One of the most life-affirming things that happens to us is when a client casually lets us know how well we’re doing. It really made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside when the folks at Protera told us how much revenue they’ve been bringing in as a direct result of our SEO services. 


To give credit where credit is due, Protera’s success is also due to the team’s recognition of the importance of good SEO and its commitment to stay competitive.


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