Turbo-Chart's Explosive Growth to Page One: How SEO Skyrocketed its Traffic by 261% in Just 12 Months

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Turbo-Chart is a linear project software that allows users to create stunning time location charts.

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B2B software company Turbo-Chart was being overshadowed by a giant competitor whose brand name was synonymous with linear project software (the “Hoover” of vacuum cleaners, if you will). It’s no wonder the company struggled with online visibility.

That is, until we came along with capes a-flyin’. We injected a potent mix of keyword strategy, technical SEO, and backlinks to divert the traffic away from its greatest competitor and onto Turbo-Chart’s site.

Our efforts were so effective that, in 12 months, the company had achieved a 383% increase in page-one rankings, 261% more web sessions, and a staggering 850% growth in goal completions.

Keep reading to find out how we did it.

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The Challenge

Rusty and Santosh of Turbo-Chart were up against Tilos, a name that had become the generic term for linear project software. But even though Turbo-Chart’s software was easier and cheaper to use, the founders didn’t know how to compete with such a popular brand.

Not only did the brand have to establish itself online as a cost-effective and reliable linear project software but it also had to do it in the shadow of a giant.

“We were blown away from the start at the level of science that went into SEO. Rankings are up, traffic is up, and so are our downloads.”

Rusty Johnson
Rusty Johnson

CTO and Co-Founder - Turbo-Chart

The Solution

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Turbo-Chart’s problem was also its solution. Sure, the “other guy” had the monopoly on this type of software, but that allowed us to work backwards from branded search queries and sneak into search results that were otherwise dominated by Tilos. 


What does this mean? We helped Turbo-Chart rank for “Tilos Linear Scheduling”, knowing full well that the weight of the Tilos name would help carry Turbo-Chart all the way to the top of Google Search results, thereby increasing its exposure like never before.


Now that we had a keyword strategy to work with, we also implemented our proven SEO techniques to optimise Turbo-Chart’s web pages for better visibility. At the same time, we implemented a full-blown brand optimisation to improve Turbo-Chart’s online authority.

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The Results

WIthin a year, we helped the good folks at Turbo-Chart carve out a name for itself in the highly competitive niche of linear project software. The effects of our SEO techniques are still working for Turbo-Chart today, years after the project has been completed.

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