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How We Increased Turbo Chart's Organic Site Traffic by 187%

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The Challenge

Turbo Chart is a linear project software and visualisation tool that helps companies create time-location charts.

When we first met with Rusty and Santosh of Turbo Chart, they were up against a competitor that was so strong, its name had become the generic term for linear project software. Although Turbo Chart’s software was easier and much cheaper to use, the founders didn’t know how to compete with such a giant competitor.


Their site wasn’t showing up on Google, so their target audience had no way of finding them. It wasn’t optimised to reach its target audience or even to be ranked on search result pages.


They needed help targeting the same customers as their big competitor and to establish Turbo Chart as a reliable linear project software that their customers could depend on. 

The Geeky Approach
Keyword Strategy
Technical SEO & UX
Backlink Strategy

The Results

Page-One Rankings
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Organic Traffic
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Organic Goal Completions
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Turbo Chart Ranking Results Over Sixteen Months ​

We don’t want to give away the secret recipe, but we’re happy to show you the results of our efforts. The presented graph demonstrates the increase in ranked pages, page-one rankings, and ranked keywords over a period of 16 months starting from the day Turbo Chart signed up with Geeky Tech.

Click on the legend keys for more viewing options.

And of course, it’s all about client satisfaction.

Here’s what Turbo Chart thought about the results

“We were blown away from the start at the level of science that went into SEO. Rankings are up, traffic is up, and so are our downloads.”

Rusty Johnson
Rusty Johnson

CTO and Co-Founder - Turbo Chart

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