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SEO for Tech & Software Companies

Turn your website into your greatest marketing tool for attracting more high-quality leads. 


SEO is the most profitable internet marketing channel for B2B and B2C technology brands. Is your website generating high-quality leads? Are your web pages getting the traffic your site deserves? Are your potential customers missing out on your technology because your website isn’t showing up on the first page of Google search results?


When your sales are riding on the visibility of your website, you need a digital marketing partner who can hit the ground running using successful SEO techniques they can prove.

Drive Your Tech Company with SEO

Search engine optimisation really only has one mission: to increase the quality and quantity of your site’s incoming traffic through higher search engine rankings. The principles of SEO are fairly formulaic, but it isn’t a product you can buy or a tangible thing you can touch. It’s a series of practices and techniques that essentially amount to beating Google at its own game.


SEO for technology companies doesn’t stop at search engines. Whether you’re selling B2B SaaS, the latest IoT device, or rigorous penetration testing, your website needs to serve its visitors with a combination of high-quality content and calls to action that drive leads through the sales funnel. 


Ben working on SEO for tech companies. Looking at the best strategies to implement

Why Hire an SEO Agency for Tech Companies?

Unless you have a large team of dedicated digital marketers working round the clock to constantly monitor, update, optimise, and manage your website, you might be missing out on an opportunity to leverage an agency’s valuable experience to achieve long-term results.


Working with an SEO agency that has experience in your industry is an added bonus. At Geeky Tech, we’ve spent years fine-tuning our practices to better serve these markets and have developed specific backlinking techniques to appeal to your technology customers.

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Our Organic Search Engine Optimisation Services

Tech Company SEO

Media Services

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Our Services Include

Keyword Foundations & Strategy

  • Industry research of the most competitive and profitable keywords
  • Competitor research, keyword benchmarking, ranking strategy
  • Monthly SEO content brief and page creation


SEO begins with the humble keyword. It’s what connects your web pages to your customers, what search engines use to play matchmaker whenever a user types in a search term. When a customer types what they’re looking for into Google, the pages that match that keyword will appear first.


This is the first fundamental step of search engine optimisation (but it doesn’t stop there).


As an SEO company for tech companies, we’ll research the most relevant and profitable keywords to include in your web pages that will attract qualified leads and increase your revenue.


But, perhaps unlike other digital marketing agencies, we’ll also devise an SEO strategy to give you the competitive edge against other technology, IT security, and software companies trying to do the same thing.


Building a Strategy

Your competition is out there, and you can be certain that at this very moment, they’re also fighting to rank higher than you using the same keywords. Understanding who your competitors are, how they achieved their rankings, and what keywords they’re using successfully will give us a more realistic starting point. The B2B SEO strategy bit is what separates rookies from veterans and explains why relying on SEO tools alone can only take you so far.


At Geeky Tech, our SEO for B2B tech companies is designed to create a path to higher rankings and higher traffic. It’s a path that starts with grabbing keyword opportunities. It also dictates the type of content we can help you publish on your website that not only attracts potential customers, but also has high-ranking potential.

Technical SEO & Page Optimisation

  • Site-wide technical review with backend improvements or recommendations
  • Google Analytics optimisation and reporting setup
  • Keyword implementation
  • Web page optimisation and creation
  • Monthly site performance reviews and recommendations

As a technical SEO agency, our job is to make sure your website is positioned to receive as much targeted traffic as possible. We accomplish this by running a site-wide technical review of your web pages and CRM setup to check for any technical problems that may be blocking your ranking potential.

This could be something as simple as a page that’s set to no-index or something slightly more complicated like confusing site navigation.

Once we’ve made these 100-plus checks, we’ll either fix the problems ourselves or make recommendations for improvement, depending on your security preferences. Either way, we’ll ensure that you and your team are completely involved in the process to help you understand how these changes can create major improvements down the line.

Read about our SaaS Technical SEO guide.

On-Page Optimisation

A page one spot on Google may bring your customers through the door, but you’ll need easy-to-read, keyword-rich content to make them stay in your house. The point of optimising your content is to ensure that your copy serves user intent and keeps them on your site. Your web pages are doing all the heavy lifting at this point to turn a casual visitor into a qualified lead and a future customer.

Geeky Tech aligns your content with your SEO campaign by:

  • Reviewing your existing pages and adjusting keywords or making small tweaks to improve your page’s ranking ability.
  • Ensuring that all existing pages meet the industry’s on-page SEO best practices.
  • Creating ongoing SEO content briefs with your chosen keywords.
  • Providing editorial guidance to your content writing team or writing your pages for you.
  • Social media account setup, optimisation, and brand protection
  • Industry-specific directory account registration
  • Google My Business account creation and/or optimisation
  • Press release creation/optimisation and syndication
  • Industry-related articles on high-quality sites with inbound links


SEO for technology companies takes more than building an amazing website. The Geeks have been playing Google’s game long enough to understand how some of its search algorithms respond. As Google never actually tells the public what its search algorithms actually are, everything we know is a result of rigorous in-house testing and years of learning from our mistakes.


As a result of all our tests, we know that your online presence is just as important as your website. Your online presence—such as links to your site from other sites, mentions of your brand, directory accounts, and social media accounts—amounts to anything our Geeks do outside of your website to seize backlinking opportunities.


With backlinks, we’re looking for quality and quantity. We’ll go after every opportunity to put your name out there and bolster your real-world authority. We make sure your technology, SaaS, or software is given a voice and solidifies your brand’s reputation.

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Advertising: A Smart Retargeting Strategy

Your tech marketing team really only has one goal: lead acquisition. Organic SEO is a channel for organically increasing your inbound leads, but if you want to shoot at your target with everything you’ve got, we highly recommend a paid media campaign that supports these objectives.


Geeky Tech recommends a two-pronged approach to online lead acquisition because, simply put, you’ll get results faster. Not only that, but the quality of leads that will start pouring into your site are looking for solutions your technology offers.


Using an advertising campaign to retarget customers who have already visited your site can vastly improve your marketing ROI by increasing sales. Targeting your ads to visitors you know are already interested in your product is part of the full-funnel strategy that we can help you build from the ground up.  


Whatever ad campaigns you create to sell your software or technology to the world, the data you get from running your ads will help improve your organic marketing efforts in the long run.

SEO for Software Companies: A Flash Case Study

Avantra is an AIOp platform for SAP software users. The company originally partnered with us to help solve its SEO migration issues and revamp its ad campaigns. The results you see below represent 12 months of working with Geeky Tech.

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Ranked Pages
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Goal Completions
+ 0 %
Paid Ad Conversions

What to Expect From Our SEO Services

Two of the most common questions we hear when we’re talking to new or potential clients are: 

Sorry to break it to you, kid, but we generally answer both questions with a dissatisfactory ‘it depends’. But, like seriously, it depends on how much you’re willing to spend on achieving results within a desired time frame.


In general, SEO for IT companies or other technology enterprises can cost anywhere from 500 to 100,000/month (we do not recommend hiring an agency that charges as low as 500/month). If you’re wondering how much our services cost, feel free to give us a call. 


What we can tell you is that results from organic marketing will start trickling in immediately after we’ve implemented the changes, optimised your site, and generated backlinks. But the real magic starts happening at month six* and beyond. 


*If six months sounds like a long time, consider that Google sometimes takes more than two months to crawl and index new pages. The good news is that once your page is in the race towards higher rankings, it’s in the race for life (or until you set it to noindex, nofollow). And behind the scenes, we’re never not developing new strategies to outrank your competitors.

Three of our team in a meeting, talking about tech company SEO, Ben, Mark and Chloe

Partner With Us

Do you run a marketing department at a software, cybersecurity, or technology company? Is your website your company’s online lead acquisition hub with valuable content that hits visitors with full-funnel messaging?


If so, we want to partner with you. 


As we’ve mentioned across this page, SEO isn’t the sole responsibility of your webmaster because it isn’t just about your website. Neither is it just about using the right keywords or creating irresistible design. 


We’ll work with your company to develop a holistic strategy that encompasses all marketing channels—from web to social media to content marketing.


By the end of your free website review, you’ll realise that SEO isn’t just a button that you turn on and leave running. It’s a collective and cohesive endeavour in which all marketing practices are aligned for the single purpose of selling more technology to more customers.

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Meet Our Tech Company SEO Geeks

Every one of our Geeks brings their own unique skill set to the table and none of our SEO results could be possible without their input, knowledge, experience, and blood, sweat, and tears (okay, maybe not the blood). 

We work and live in four countries across the globe (and counting) and utilise online collaboration tools that help us stay connected as if we’re sitting right next to each other.


We fully embrace the digital nomad lifestyle, which means that we offer a fairly laid back work environment. We know that when it’s crunch time, our Geeks are ready to push up their glasses, hit play on their favourite playlist, and get to work.


Get to know our Geeks by visiting our Who We Are page.