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SEO for Technology Companies

You’re a world-changing technology company—now all you need is an online presence that reflects your offline authority. With the right SEO strategy, you’ll maximise your visibility and attract the right kind of audience—your customers.

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Leverage the Power of SEO for Technology Companies to Drive Quality Leads

Don’t let your website get lost on page ten (or even page two!) of Google. If you’ve got a marketing strategy and you know who your customers are, we’ll help you extend your audience reach with a highly optimised website that blows your competition out of the water.   Give your competitors something to worry about with our SEO for Technology Companies service. Start your marketing campaign with our free SEO review.

SEO For Tech And Software Companies

You have the brand, the product, the service, the website…so why aren’t your customers finding you? We can help with that.


Geeky Tech is an SEO company for tech companies. We know what it takes to drive up your Google search rankings and boost targeted traffic. We’ve helped B2B and B2C tech enterprises become household names in their industries with our holistic, data-driven approach to digital marketing.
The Benefits Of SEO for Software and IT Companies
Technology moves at lightning speed. You want to stay ahead of the curve and remain visible to your customers at all times, no matter what’s trending.   Without an effective search engine optimisation strategy, your site won’t reach potential customers. It’s that simple.   If you’re still wondering if SEO for technology companies is worth the price of admission, consider its benefits:  
  • Page one of Google search result pages
  • Increased site traffic from high-quality leads
  • A stunning, highly functional website that works as your brand’s most effective digital marketing tool
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Why Is SEO so Important for Marketing?

It seems like the real question here is, “are websites important for marketing?” and the answer to that is one resounding yes! You probably already knew that, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.


But if the question is, “should I split my marketing efforts between organic search optimisation and other online marketing strategies?” take a look at the statistics:


  • The first five organic search results on Google account for 67.60% of ALL clicks.
  • Only 0.78% of Google users click on page-two results.
    SEO boosts traffic by 1000% more than organic social media.
  • E-commerce sales reached $4.2 trillion in 2020
  • SEO is the top inbound marketing priority for 61% of marketers.
  • 91% of all web pages on the internet have zero site traffic because they don’t have backlinks.

How often do people use the internet to find what they’re looking for? 5.6 billion times a day or 63,000 times a second.


Focus your marketing efforts on where the people are.

Why SEO for B2B Tech Companies Is Different

Everyone and their grandmother uses the internet. Customers know a good website when they one. The bar is raised even higher when you’re representing a tech-savvy industry. Without proper SEO, you run the risk of losing your customers along with your company’s credibility.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, you need to have the strongest possible online presence to stand out in this highly-competitive and ever-evolving industry. Working with an SEO agency that understands how your customers think gives you the head-start you need to drive up organic traffic and guide your customers through the sales funnel. 

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Is your marketing strategy tapping into the overwhelming amount of people using Google to search for technology and software solutions?

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Our SEO for Technology Companies Services

Our full-scale digital marketing services are backed by data-driven SEO techniques and a team of experts. Every service we offer has been developed and tested in house with incredible ongoing success.

We’re driven by results. We know our SEO for Technology Companies service can completely change the game for your website. Here’s how we do it:

Keyword Strategy & Development

A strong keyword strategy is the foundation of successful SEO. 


The right keywords and phrases on your webpages serve multiple functions. They:

Without the right keyword foundations, no one—neither Google nor your customers—will find you. So, how do we pick a unique set of keywords that serve both your audience and search engines?


It’s all about research, strategy, and development, baby.

Our Keyword Research Analysis Steps
  1. Learn about your customers and their search behaviour.
  2. Research customers to find out if they’re ranking for any of those terms.
  3. Determine if your site can compete for those terms and build a strategy to rank for them.
  4. Set up your site to monitor and track your results following the optimisation of your web pages.

Now that we’ve developed a robust keyword strategy, our B2C and B2B SEO agency can start injecting these new terms into your site’s pages.

Technical & On-Page Optimisation

On-page optimisation is a never-ending dance between form and function. We make sure your site is working just as hard on the backend as it is on the front end. 

The main purpose of on-page optimisation is to please both Google and your customer. We do that by making sure your site is fast, functional, and device-friendly. 


Where do we start? With a comprehensive site audit. 

Technical SEO

The first thing we do as a technical SEO agency is find out if your site is working properly. Makes sense, right?

This is not the most glamorous step in the process, but it underpins all our other SEO efforts. When we audit your site, we’re checking for the nitty-gritty details that could be making it difficult or impossible for Google to index your pages.

The bad news?

We’ll probably find something. But it’s not your fault. Many agencies who claim to offer SEO for tech companies have been known to miss a step or flip a switch that confuses the heck out of Google’s web crawlers (this happens a lot during web migrations).

The good news?

We know how to fix it! And once it’s done, Google has a chance to look at your site with fresh eyes and a better understanding of how to index you.

You speak tech, so maybe you’ll appreciate the kind of microdetails that go into technical SEO (here’s just a small example):

  • Robot.txt not blocking resources
  • Redirect chains
  • Duplicated content
  • Broken links
  • Google’s Mobile-Friendly test
  • HTML improvements in Google Search Console
  • Fix duplicate meta
  • Schema Markup
  • Relative navigation handling
  • Google Speed Insights
  • Local GeoTags
  • Dynamic URLs
On-Page SEO Best Practices

We talk about on-page and technical SEO like they’re two different things, but really, one doesn’t exist without the other, and both are concerned about the on-page user experience.


Nailing the on-page SEO stage is critical to your site’s ranking. While Google has several ranking factors (about 200, in fact), many of them have to do with how your pages are optimised.


To move your site’s up, we apply the on-page SEO best practices and our tried-and-tested techniques to optimise:


  • Content
  • Title Tags
  • URLs
  • Images


Remember those keywords we researched? Now’s the time to add them to your site!

Off-Page Optimisation & Backlinking

We look beyond your website to build and strengthen your site authority and web presence.

You might be saying, “but we already are an authority!” That may be true, but Google has seen its fair share of con artists. So, if you want your site to mirror all your real-world expertise, you’ll need to prove that other people think you’re just as great.


Translation: you need backlinks from other high-quality websites. 


We build and optimise links across the following channels to demonstrate your site’s credibility:


  • Local directories and Google Maps
  • Audience-related Q&A sites
  • Wiki & Yahoo! Answers
  • Blog comments
  • Press releases
  • Articles on high-authority blogs and relevant domains
  • Forums
  • Interviews
  • Product reviews
  • And more

Ongoing Management & Maintenance

Here’s the thing. The first page of Google is the most coveted spot in the digital world. 


You’re competing against every current and future competitor who’s working hard to take your keywords, your Google rankings, and your customers. 

We don’t really consider management and maintenance as a nice-to-have service because it’s pretty essential. In fact, it’s the only way to keep outranking the competition and expect continued traffic to your site. Our ongoing maintenance includes:

Nicole and Alan discussing projects

Paid Advertising

SEO results start trickling in as soon as we’ve hit all the switches and implemented the right keywords. However, the real magic starts happening in 3 to 6 months. If you want a quick boost in traffic and more site exposure while your SEO is still cooking, we highly recommend a short-term paid advertising campaign. 

We recommend paid advertising if:

How Programmatic Advertising Can Help You Reach Highly Target Traffic

When we launch ad campaigns on a programmatic advertising platform, we can leverage information that’s collected from data intelligence agencies to target highly specific third-party audiences that meet our specific criteria—which is based not only on their demographics (such as age, location, gender, income level) but also by psychographics (interests, activities, and opinions).

What does this mean?

Let’s say you manage an SAP software company and you want to run an awareness ad campaign to draw in new customers. Through programmatic advertising, we can run ads that are solely seen by ERP decision-makers on sites they normally visit throughout the day.

What does this do for your bottom line?

By focusing your paid marketing efforts on the people who are most likely to click on your ad and engage with your site, you’ll be reducing your overall ad spend, thus improving your ROI.

Learn more about how programmatic display advertising works.

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Technology Companies We Serve


Expand your audience reach to improve your site’s visibility and get more B2B software buyers and subscribers.

The Best Marketing Technology

Our SEO for IT companies is all about developing a strategy to put you in front of businesses, schools, and property managers searching for IT managed services.

Ready… Set…Go...and Go...and Go

We’ll make your customers connect to your site just as you connect your customers to your product. 


We work behind the scenes of your website so you can work behind the scenes for your customers.

Cloud Services

Drive your site’s visibility to attract more B2C and B2B clients. Make your IaaS, SaaS, PaaS a household name. 


You’ve got a product, now let’s show it to the world. With the help of SEO, we’ll expand your customer reach to hit your sales targets.

Why We Don’t List Our Prices (because we know you’re looking for them)

Our tech company SEO services don’t come with standard prices because everything we do is made to measure. It would be impossible to list a set price because every customer is so different.


We’d rather spend time learning about your marketing objectives and doing a full site audit before giving you a detailed estimate. We’ve worked with budgets of all sizes, and timelines of all lengths, so why not give us a shout to discuss your tech business needs?

We Heart Our Tech Customers

If you’ve made it this far, we can only assume you like what you see (why else would you be down here?). So, now let’s show you what we can do. Check out our case studies to see the real results of our SEO for software companies and tech enterprises.

If you want to increase your ranking keywords by 3000%, triple or quadruple your organic site traffic, and triple your goal conversions like we’ve done for our customers, get in touch today!

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“We’ve gone from never having any organic web enquiries to acquiring clients and receiving multiple demo requests within a couple of months of the new site going live! I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

Hannah Lloyd Jones District
Hannah Lloyd-Jones

Marketing Manager at District Technologies

“Thanks to Geeky Tech’s work on our organic search optimization, we now outrank our biggest competitor.”

Lee Butz District
Lee Butz

CEO & Founder at District Technologies

“The team got the landing page and ad campaign set up within a week, and we began to see our ad listings at the top of the search results immediately. While we’re just a few days into the campaign, I can already see we’re getting lots of new visitors that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

Tim Canfield
Tim Canfield

Marketing Manager Conidia Bioscience / Fuelstat®

“We’ve really struggled in the past with other agencies either not understanding our needs or not being able to deliver on their promises. It’s the complete opposite experience with Geeky Tech. They surprised us every step of the way and truly are completely different from other agencies.” 

David Mitchell
David Mitchell

Global Manager for Aviation Markets

“We would have remained buried in Google page obscurity if it wasn’t for Geeky Tech’s help. We are so grateful we invested in the right SEO company to help us reach the right customers.”

Rick Brownlow
Rick Brownlow

CEO & Co Founder - Geektastic

“We’re now generating leads through our website, which is fantastic for us. We’ve moved up in the rankings on Google. We’re hitting a helluva lot more first-page results than we did before, which is all fantastic and what we wanted.”

Ollie Turner
Ollie Turner

Purchasing Manager from Lyon Managed services

“Their level of knowledge and commitment to ensuring that the right elements of our website were found by our target audience was fantastic. Always easy to deal with, I am very pleased with the results that he and his team delivered.”

Darren Bindert
Darren Bindert

Head of Marketing at Syscomm Ltd

“Really great team, great work and the results are fantastic. Have been incredibly helpful at all stages of the process.

Simon Lee
Simon Lee

Founder and CEO of Glance Creative

“Patricia and Holly were both amazing, I have never had a web project go so smoothly & delivered ahead of schedule. If you need a reference please point them in my Direction”

Andre Armstrong

Head of Marketing CAE Technology Services

Our Tech SEO Geeks

We have a strong digital team made up of SEO strategists, advertising experts, web designers, and social media ninjas. 


Let’s Geek Out Together

In case you haven’t noticed, we love tech. Our digital marketing agency is made up of a real geeky bunch of SEO strategists, advertising ninjas, data scientists, web creatives, and social media gurus. 


Collectively, our team has decades of experience working in and for software, tech, and IT. It’s an industry we’re passionate about and one that pairs so well with our SEO work. Working with a team that speaks your language makes for a happy partnership. 

Who We Are

We like to keep our team small. It’s all about quality, not quantity. When you sign up with Geeky Tech, you’ll be assigned the same team members throughout this process. It makes it easier to remember our names, plus you’ll know exactly who to speak to when you have a question that needs answering.  

If you’re a marketer from a technology, IT, or software company and you need a digital-marketing team to get your website on the map, what are you you waiting for?

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