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B2B Marketing Services


Geeky Tech provides full-service B2B marketing services that specialises in search engine optimisation, paid advertising, and web services. We leverage our knowledge and experience of web marketing to increase your digital presence and drive high-quality leads to your site.


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Is your B2B website integrated into your marketing strategy?

What if your website could…

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Our Approach To B2B Marketing

Geeky Tech takes a holistic and data-driven approach to web marketing to help businesses grow in exposure, sales, and revenue. We know that a solid digital presence can help you surpass your sales targets and outrank the competition. 

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The B2B Digital Marketing Services We Offer

Geeky Tech’s B2B services in marketing are based on the fundamentals of inbound marketing—using how people search the internet to drive prospects to your website. Search engine optimisation is the science behind increasing your high-quality organic traffic.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation

A solid SEO strategy is the most important thing you can do to grow your digital presence.

The purpose of B2B SEO is to remain visible at all times, so that when your customers start looking for company solutions, your brand will already have established top-of-mind awareness.

It’s all about exposure.

How do we make sure your site is visible to the right people at the right time?

Here’s how we do it:

Our SEO B2B Marketing Services

Keyword Strategy & Development
  • Research who your customers are and learn how they search the internet.
  • Discover who your true competitors are and what keywords they’re using (and figure out if we can outrank them).
  • Build a strategy to drive traffic from your competitors to your site with keywords we know will rank.
  • Reach different types of customer personas with keyword themes.
Technical and On-Page Optimisation
  • Performing a full site audit to ensure your site is technically functional and optimised for performance and crawlability.
  • Make your content topical, easy to read, and valuable to the customer.
  • Implement keywords into new and existing content to make your web pages rankable.
  • Improve site speed and navigation.
Off-Page Optimisation and Authority
  • Boost your credibility in the eyes of Google with high-quality backlinks from authority domains.
  • Create positive buzz about your product or service with reviews, press releases, and site mentions.
  • Demonstrate your subject matter expertise on Q&A sites.
  • Optimise your business on local business directories.

B2B WordPress Web Design & Development

Responsive web design maximises customer engagement and your SEO efforts.

Your customer’s on-page experience can either bolster their interest or undermine your credibility. We don’t want to drive traffic to a site that’s slow to load, difficult to navigate, or looks like it was built in 1995 and never touched again.

Our WordPress web design Geeks build stunning websites that reflect your brand and stand out from your competitors.

We want to make your site work for you just as much as it does for your customers. When a Geek designs your SEO-ready site, you’ll be automatically set up to track and monitor your traffic and paid advertising results.

Our SEO B2B Marketing Services

Site Review & Competitor Analysis
  • Discuss your B2B website goals and recommend site changes to improve site functionality, i.e. converting to a WordPress website
  • Analyse your competitors’ sites to see what’s trending in your industry and how your site compares.
Site Design & Build
  • Create a tailored site plan based on our findings and your company goals.
  • Design your website with the budget, SEO, and company objectives in mind.
  • Test your website’s functionality and design across all devices.
Website Development & SEO
  • Perform a full site audit of your existing domain to check for technical SEO.
  • Fix technical/performance issues on your existing pages.
  • Optimising your current and new site content and design elements.
  • Set up your analytics tools to help you track and monitor your results.

Did you know that video and podcast marketing rely heavily on a fully optimised website?

B2B Paid Advertising

Broaden your exposure with smart advertising campaigns that reach decision-makers even when they’re not searching for you.

Data-driven ad campaigns can drive highly targeted traffic to your site and reduce your overall ad spend. Our Geeks will launch engaging ad content on various channels we know your customers are using, such as LinkedIn and Google Search.

B2B paid advertising can be used to raise awareness, retarget leads, and generate demand. We’ll help you reach your prospects wherever they are in the buying journey to drive them to your site and engage with your business.

We Build Ad Campaigns for Every Stage of the Buyer Journey

  • Awareness: The customer learns about your brand and the value you offer to their business.
  • Retargeting: The customer is retargeted to encourage brand loyalty.

Benefits of B2B Advertising

  • Instant results
  • A high return on investment
  • More visibility
  • Data collected from your traffic can be used to bolster and refine your SEO efforts

B2B Paid Advertising Services Help You Reach Customers Where They Already Are

Google Advertising
Social Media Advertising
Ben brainstorming
Long-Lasting Results Call for Long-Lasting Partnerships

That’s why we’re not particularly keen on handing back the keys after we’ve optimised your site or set up your paid advertising campaign. Our B2B technology marketing agency takes care to monitor your results and build new links well after your site is optimised to ensure your site continues to rank on Google, target new prospects, and help your business grow. 

Every month, you’ll receive a detailed breakdown of the previous month’s activities with our B2B marketing experts. We’ll also schedule a monthly virtual consultation to discuss your campaign progress and suggest changes to strengthen your campaign.  

Our ongoing services include:
  • Optimisation of new web pages
  • Backlinks
  • Ad tracking
  • Site security
  • Web management
  • Site hosting, if needed
How Important Is B2B Marketing?

Effective B2B marketing is all about grabbing your audience’s attention and keeping your potential customers engaged. Business-to-business marketing is essential for getting the exposure your company needs to convert leads into customers and conveying your service or product’s value with your content.

How Is B2B Marketing Different From B2C Marketing?

While digital marketing firms utilise the same tools to drive traffic and increase your digital presence, the approach, just like the customer, is very different.

A B2C customer is an individual making buying decisions for themselves. A B2B customer is a decision-maker who represents an entire organization. B2C customers find products or services that bring them value. B2B customers look for solutions that benefit the company in various ways, such as increased profit or productivity. A B2C customer is largely driven by their emotions. A B2B customer is driven by budgets and company objectives. A solid B2B marketing strategy is all about conveying how your business takes both of these things into consideration.

The sales journey of a B2B customer can be much longer than a B2C customer. Your customers can spend a lot of time at the research stage—requesting demos, reading white papers, comparing costs, and negotiating prices. It’s crucial to maintain interest at every step of the funnel with a creative strategy.

Partnering with an agency that understands how to market to business-to-business customers means that your budget will be directed to the most profitable marketing strategies.

Our B2B Marketing Geeks

We have a strong digital team made up of SEO strategists, advertising experts, web designers, and social media ninjas. 

Collectively, our expertise has helped our customers scale their business through tested and data-driven B2B marketing services. 

Geeky Tech is a small but strong team. Our size encourages better collaboration and communication between departments and with our customers. You’ll have direct contact with the Geeks working on various aspects of your B2B marketing campaign.

If you represent a technology or IT company, we’d love to have a chat with you about our B2B marketing services.