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Stop cold-calling and start driving potential customers to your IT firm website. Get the results you want with our IT Marketing Agency.


Our team of SEO and paid advertising experts are pros at pushing businesses like yours up the search engine ranks. We’ll get you noticed by the people looking for IT services just like yours.

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IT Marketing Services

At Geeky Tech, we provide everything your website needs to rank in Google and other search engines. We know that visibility combined with strategy are what it takes to attract more high-quality visitors. 


Our data-driven digital marketing techniques are the result of years of experience, industry knowledge, and constant testing (if we were a lab, our walls would be stained with radioactive waste). Read more about our Marketing Services. 

How we improve the quantity and quality of your site traffic.

Keyword Strategy & Development

From keyword analysis to optimised content briefs, we focus on helping the right audience find you. Once we understand your business goals, we’ll learn how you compare to your competitors, and benchmark your site against other industry-related domains. Then, we’ll find out just who your customers are, how they search the internet, and what keywords you need to capitalise on their search behaviours.

UX & Technical Optimisation

Next, our on-page SEO experts get to work optimising your web pages. At this point, we’ve already done a thorough site audit to find any technical issues that could be interrupting the flow of traffic. We want to make sure your site is glitch-free.


Once your pages are technically perfect, we’ll use a combination of common sense, creativity, and our on-page SEO best practices to restructure, redesign, and improve your customer’s user experience—all in the name of higher rankings. Of course, this is where we implement the new keywords into your content and other important page elements.

Backlinking & Domain Authority

This important last step is all about pleasing Google’s ranking algorithms. We call this backlinking—it’s the process of proving your credibility by the quality and quantity of links to your site from other domains. We do this by setting up and optimising your social profiles, writing reviews, creating and syndicating press releases, striking up conversations on Q&A sites, and much more.

Eat, Sleep, SEO, Repeat

There’s no finish line in the race to the top of search engine result pages, so our SEO work is never really over. There’s always something (or someone) that can dethrone you from your top position—whether it’s other companies working their own SEO magic, a new Google update, or even an unexpected issue on your website.


That’s why we’ll continue to monitor and track your results even after you’ve reached your initial targets. We’ll generate thorough but intuitive monthly reports to help you understand your results and work with you to create new goals and convert more leads into customers.

Looking for advertising advice? There’s a Geek for that.

A Geeky Tech employee brainstorming for our IT Marketing Agency

How Are We Different From Other IT Marketing Agencies?

In the world of IT marketing agencies, what makes Geeky Tech stand out?

Our Geeks

To start with, our team is pretty unique. Instead of working in one office, we have Geeks all over the world!


We don’t believe in shackling everyone to a 9–5 schedule. By leveraging a wealth of online workplace and productivity tools, our team can work wherever they want and always remain connected to each other and to you. By doing this, we’ve created a worldwide network of Geeks with the same passion for work and life, and they’re just waiting to bring this enthusiasm to your next project.


We’re small but mighty! This means you’ll work closely alongside the same Geeks throughout the duration of your project, and know exactly who’s the best person to answer any questions you have.


Meet the Geeks who look forward to partnering with you!

We Stick With You

A lot of IT marketing companies will do the job and move onto the next client as quickly as they started. We don’t do that.


We believe there’s more to creating a successful online business than a few quick fixes. And your success is our success. We love working with IT, tech, and software companies because we know our clients are fluent in Geek.


We also think it’s silly not to recognize SEO as an evolutionary process. We’re modest enough to admit that what works really well today might need tweaking in the future.

We Are Search Experts

At our IT marketing agency, every member of our team is an expert in their field. We’ve spent the last few years scouring the earth (literally) for the best and brightest digital marketers, and have so far recruited SEO and paid advertising experts from the UK, Turkey, Portugal, Morocco, and Canada. 


Collectively, we have decades of experience working with IT businesses big and small on budgets ranging from shoestring to seven figures. 

But don’t take our word for it! Check out our case studies to find out how we helped our clients achieve real results.

What Our Geeks Can Do For You

What do you actually need our IT marketing agency for?

Comprehensive Analysis & Reporting

We use a full suite of analytics and SEO tools that we’ve either mastered or built ourselves. Our three-step approach to SEO requires the heavy use of professional tools that dig much deeper than free software or SEO plugins. What’s even more important is that we actually know how to analyse and leverage the data to improve your marketing efforts.


Because we call it a partnership, it’s important to make sure you’re completely in the loop with what’s going on. That’s why we’re always happy to go over the reports we send you every month. Transparency is our motto! And why wouldn’t we want to show off our results?

Effective Time Management

Setting up, managing, and tracking your SEO is a full-time job…just ask our Geeks. By offloading your digital marketing services to a team of experts, you can focus your time on running your business. That’s why so many companies outsource their IT marketing to our team.

Ready for real business growth with the best IT Marketing Agency? Book your free SEO review with one of our Geeks or contact us.