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Want to drive leads, gain customers, and shine the spotlight on your website? Let our Geeks do the work for you.

marketing agency for IT

We know the best way to get clients to your IT firm is by bringing them to you, not the other way around. So, stop cold-calling and sending mass emails and start getting the results you want using our marketing agency for IT.

it marketing services pushing up ranks

Our team of SEO and search know-it-alls are pros at pushing businesses just like yours up the ranks in Google, so the customers who are looking for what you offer come to your website first.

marketing companies help each other

Our Geeks can also help other marketing agencies with IT clients, sharing our skills with you to get the results they’re paying you for. That way, everyone’s happy!

IT Marketing Services

At Geeky Tech, we provide everything your website needs to rank in Google, which is the secret to getting those all important leads. Our IT marketing company has a unique way of working with each of our clients, using remote working tools (or face to face meetings if you’re in the area!) to work closely alongside you and stay connected no matter where you are in the world.


From keyword analysis to writing SEO optimized content, we focus on helping the right audience find you. We begin by sitting down with you and understanding your vision, before doing a whole lot of analytics and competitor research to come up with the right plan to smash your targets.


Next, our marketing firm move on to building and development – time for the fun to start! We’ll put everything we’ve learnt into action, creating a site that Google loves as much as you do. Then, we’ll test everything out to make sure it’s doing what you want, before launching your new and improved website into the world of search engines.


But we don’t stop there! We’ll continue to work with you after you’ve reached your initial targets, creating new goals and focusing on driving leads and converting them into customers. Basically, we’ll help you to continue to grow into a business that you can only dream of right now.

Shout out if you’re also a “Technology Marketing Agency”

Now if you’re reading this and you’re a fellow technology marketing company don’t worry – we can help you too!  Nobody does search marketing like we do, and if you have customers who need help, we can work with you working with them.

IT Marketing Companies – How Are We Different?

In the world of IT marketing agencies, what makes Geeky Tech stand out?

Our Geeks

To start with, our team is pretty unique. Instead of working in one office, we have Geeks all over the world!

The IT Marketing Services team at Geeky Tech huddled for a group photo at a recent SEO team meeting.

We don’t believe in shackling everyone to a 9-5 schedule, and by using the power of the internet our team can work where they want, when they want whilst always staying connected to each other and you. By doing this, we’ve created a worldwide network of Geeks with the same passion for work and life, and they’re just waiting to bring this enthusiasm to your next project.

We’re also a small team, but very powerful! This means you can get to know everyone who’s working on your website, and we can get to know who you are and what your business wants. We believe knowing who you’re talking to is an important part of creating a partnership that works, and we know you’ll agree.

marketing agency for IT

We Stick With You

A lot of IT marketing companies will do the job and then leave, moving onto the next client as quickly as they started. We don’t do that. We believe there’s more to creating a successful online business than a new website and a quick bit of SEO – we believe it’s about continued development and constant improvements.

That’s why we create long-lasting relationships with all of our clients, working with them constantly to keep reaching targets and creating new ones.

After our initial take-off of your newly optimized site, we’ll continue to analyze your data alongside your competitors every month, keeping an eye on changes to Google’s algorithms and what everyone else is doing. We’ll also try out new techniques to keep your business moving up the ranks and gaining more and more leads. You can’t say we don’t work hard!

search experts video training

Search Experts

At our IT Marketing Agency, every member of our team is an expert in organic search and SEO. We keep our whole team in the loop with regular video training about updates and new ideas (that’s the power of remote working tools again!).

By doing this, it means that every one of our Geeks who works on your website, from the guys and girls writing your content to the ones checking out your competitors, are all working towards the same goal – to get you more customers.

It also means we all know what everyone else is doing too, which allows us to sync up our work pretty well! We’ve found that our IT marketing company team works far more harmoniously like this, and the results you get are always better.

What keywords should I be using?

What Our Geeks Can Do For You

So, you know a whole lot about us now, but why is any of this important? What do you actually need our IT marketing agency for?

Bunch of data analysis & tools

To start with, we use a whole bunch of data analysis and tools that need a lot of training to use properly – and we have the guys and girls who know how to use them! They can analyze your website and your competitors properly to develop an initial strategy and continue to carry maintain and improve as we continue to work with you.

Team of Geeks

We then have a whole team of Geeks who each have a specialized skill that they focus on completely, rather than doing a whole heap of things half-heartedly. We have project managers, content writers, web designers and more that bring their expertise to your project, making every aspect the best it can be.

Time consuming

SEO takes a lot of time too – do you really want to spend all your hours optimizing your website when you could be running the business you love? We didn’t think so! That’s why so many companies outsource IT marketing to our team, and you can focus on the parts you do best whilst we focus on what we do best.

Team Up With The Geeks!

Ready to take your business to the next level and step into your future? Get started with our team today! Let us know who you are and what you’re looking for and we’ll take it from there. Trust us, it’s going to be amazing.

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