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Are you ready to grow your revenue, increase your brand awareness, and expand your customer base? If you answered ‘yes’, you’re ready for our B2B Web Marketing Services. B2B web marketing is an effective means of connecting with your target audience, generating sales leads, and bringing in new customers.
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An effective web marketing B2B strategy takes into account the long and often complex decision-making process of your target customer. It hits your prospects wherever they spend the bulk of their digital time using a multi-channel approach and proven digital strategies.


Translation: B2B marketers help you generate leads by exposing your brand and demonstrating your company’s value. 


Geeky Tech is a no-nonsense B2B web marketing agency with tried-and-tested techniques to generate leads, drive sales, and get you noticed by decision-makers. 

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What Is B2B Digital Marketing?

Let’s begin with a definition: B2B digital marketing refers to any marketing strategy that is web-based and geared towards other businesses. B2B marketing strategies can share the same digital space as B2C marketing, however, the approach, content, and cost will vary greatly.

Examples of Digital Marketing Strategies

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The Evolution of B2B Web Marketing Services

The internet is so ubiquitous that we often forget how young it is, especially when it comes to using it as a B2B marketing tool. In fact, the term B2B marketing is also relatively new too. In the not-too-distant past, we used to call it “person-to-person marketing” or “industrial marketing”, and it was often just another way of saying sales or marketing. 


Marketing to farmers represented the main industry in B2B marketing in the last 150 years. The advent of the rail system made it relatively easy for companies like Montgomery Ward & Co to send farmers mail-order catalogues for products like dry goods.

The real beginning of B2B marketing started after the Great Depression, and even then, marketing encompassed a full spectrum of responsibilities that today are relegated to sales, accounting, and logistics.


Before the internet, marketing to businesses came in the form of trade catalogues, sales manuals, direct mail, brochures, magazines, and conventions. The internet has allowed us to collect, analyse and leverage data to help us refine our target audience and minimise ad costs. Before that, marketers increased brand awareness by advertising to as many people as possible at the lowest possible cost.


Marketing since then has become highly competitive, highly strategic, and above all, data-driven.

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B2B Marketing Strategies That are Trending Right Now


Video marketing on YouTube has become a highly successful marketing strategy for B2B businesses. Many buyers watch posted videos as part of their research before deciding to buy—70%, in fact.


We’ve seen a significant surge in podcast marketing over the years. Podcasts and radio shows have incredible potential to reach customers wherever they are. Podcasts are a great way to speak directly to your customers and showcase your brand as a highly credible resource. What’s even better is that you can market your brand while your customers are on the go.

Programmatic Display Advertising

We learned a long time ago that profitable digital marketing is dependent on data (yes, it’s very geeky). It’s not exactly the sexiest statement, but it’s true. Programmatic display advertising (PDA) allows us to create and launch ads for third-party audiences that meet clearly defined characteristics.


These characteristics are based on demographics or psychographics, such as a person’s hobbies, interests, political views, and opinions. All this data comes from data intelligence agencies that collect user information anonymously.


For example, if your company sells SAP software, you can target ERP decision-makers with display ads that appear whenever they land on a website. You can even launch simultaneous campaigns to target customers at various buying stages…all from a single platform. PDA results in a higher ROI by giving advertisers more conversions at a lower cost.

Did you know that video and podcast marketing rely heavily on a fully optimised website?

B2B vs. B2C Marketing

There’s a huge difference between these two types of marketing strategies. It makes sense right? A different kind of buyer needs its own marketing approach. While these two may share similarities, your efforts and money won’t be spent in the same way. 

Let’s take a look at the core difference between B2B and B2C.

Business-to-Business (B2B)
Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

The most important thing to glean from this assessment is that when you’re marketing to a business, you have to please not only the buyer, but also the teams, executives, and other stakeholders that are involved in the decision-making process. 

Marketing Strategies by the Numbers

Over 14 months, we built a stonking-new website and then used our cutting-edge competitor analysis to boost on-page optimisation of just 10 pages.

Here are some of the highlights:

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of B2B customers are far more likely to buy after reading their content

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of B2B buyers prefer videos over text content

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of marketers, Email marketing is the most successful revenue channel

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of B2B content is top-of-funnel

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of social media leads come from LinkedIn

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of B2B buyers will engage with a company’s social media content before deciding to buy

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the highest spend on B2B marketing was on web development

What do the numbers tell us?
  1. Your B2B web marketing efforts should be spread evenly amongst SEO, content, social media, and web development.
  2. Content marketing should be varied.
  3. Websites need to be engaging, functional, and optimised.
  4. SEO plays an important role during a buyer’s search for B2B brands.
  5. Social media marketing should focus heavily on professional websites like LinkedIn.

A Strong B2B Marketing Strategy Focuses on Lead Generation

Generating leads is tough. If it were easy, we wouldn’t be spending so much time discussing why strategy is so important. You may hear conflicting advice about how to create interest in your brand. Or you may be so overwhelmed by all the competition out there that you don’t even know how to make your company sound like the better choice for your customers.

With that said, let’s take a look at how your company can develop the strongest marketing strategy to bring in some new hot leads:

Tie your marketing into the fabric of your business.

What works for others may not work for you.

Make sure you’re not sending your leads to broken pages.

If your site has broken links, 404s, or issues in general, ask a digital marketing agency to check your technical SEO.

Beef up your relevant keywords for more qualified leads.

This is fundamental to any SEO strategy and it’s the kind of thing that Google looks for when ranking your site.

Give social proof.

You’ll generate more leads by building trust in your brand. Social proof, such as testimonials, reviews, and accreditation badges, show that you have solid evidence to back up your claims.

Make your website your greatest digital asset.

If your site is filled with static pages that aren’t set up to customise a user’s experience, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to make your customers feel special and engaged.

Create more top-of-funnel awareness with content marketing.

Decision-makers spend a lot of time doing their research before they decide to buy. You can help your prospects move into the consideration stage by raising awareness of your brand and educating them about your services and their value.

Go deeper with your content to establish your company as a subject matter expert.

With so much competition out there, you need to set yourself apart from your competitors with content that demonstrates your authority. Make your company the go-to experts of your domain by crafting e-books, whitepapers, and webinars.

Boost your authority with backlinks from high-profile domains.

Backlinking is one of the main pillars of SEO, and without them, Google won’t reward you with high rankings. But not all backlinks are created equal. You need to make sure that your links, reviews, and site mentions are included on high-authority domains that have high traffic and a good reputation. 

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Our B2B Web Marketing Services

Organic SEO

Boost your Google rankings and drive up targeted traffic using optimised content, backlinks, and competitive keywords

  • SEO site review
  • Keyword research, strategy, and development with competitor analysis
  • Site audit with on-page content optimisation
  • Technical and on-page optimisation
  • Optimising/fixing post-migration site
  • Pre-migration preparation
  • Authority building with off-page backlinks.

Learn more about our SEO services.

Paid Advertising

Give your site a quick boost of highly targeted traffic to quick-start your campaign, promote new products/services, and collect valuable data for future marketing campaigns.

  • Creative ad copy and design
  • Creative calendar development
  • Ad testing
  • Google Ads (Display, Search, Shopping, Video)
  • Social Media Marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Programmatic display advertising
  • Results tracking set up

Discover more about our paid advertising for B2B

Post-Launch Maintenance & Management
Stay on top of your campaign performance, keep your site running smoothly, and leverage site data to stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Ongoing keyword analysis, research, and strategy
  • Monthly ad tracking, detailed reporting, and meetings
  • Site maintenance and security 
Need more information? Discover more about what we do.

Does Your Company Need to Invest in Paid Advertising?

Search engine optimisation is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. 

SEO is one of the most effective marketing channels for organically improving your search engine rankings, gaining exposure, and driving high-quality traffic to your site. But it does take time.

Results will start to trickle in immediately, but you’ll see a huge surge of rankings and traffic within three to six months. If you want to see a quick boost of traffic before that time, paid advertising is an easy and effective solution.

Ideal Scenarios for Paid Ads

Check Out Our B2B Web Marketing Services Success Rate

We love working with tech, software, and IT industries. We’ve helped our clients launch successful ad campaigns and boost their website traffic with organic SEO. But we don’t just want to tell you—we want to show you!


Take a look at some of our case studies to see how we’ve tripled and even quadrupled organic site traffic and reduced cost per acquisition by over 70%.

Looking for Pricing?

We get it. You’ve read the spiel, now you want to know how much this is going to cost. 

SEO is one of the most effective marketing channels for organically improving your search engine rankings, gaining exposure, and driving high-quality traffic to your site. But it does take time.Before we can give you an estimate of our prices, we’d love to talk to you about your website and business goals. All our bespoke B2B marketing services are tailored to meet your company’s individual needs, so we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all pricing. We’ve worked with marketing budgets of all sizes, and we know how to spend your money wisely.

Who We Are

The people behind Geeky Tech get pretty excited about web marketing. We all have our own strengths and backgrounds that make us the B2B marketing agency powerhouse we claim to be.

Our team represents SEO experts, web designers, advertising gurus, data scientists, social media experts, and other Geeks whose talents defy designation. 

We’re small, but we do it all. Our small team has the power of online communication and project-management tools that allow us to work closely on projects without needing to physically sit next to each other. 

A long time ago, we adopted a word-hard-play-hard kind of philosophy, which is why so many of our Geeks are busy travelling the world or exploring other ways of life. But no matter where the wind takes us, we’re still just a phone call or email away from our customers. It’s what makes our Geeks so unique.

Are you ready to grow your business through our B2B Web Marketing Services?