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“Thanks to Geeky Tech’s work on our organic search optimization, we now outrank our biggest competitor.”

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Lee Butz

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Are You Leveraging the Power of PPC to Reach Your SaaS Customers?

In an industry as competitive as B2B SaaS, you need to ensure your brand stays top of mind when your customers are looking for business solutions. 

At Geeky Tech, we understand that the decision-makers you’re targeting have a long road ahead of them before they choose to partner with a software company. 

Pay-per-click ads maintain your brand’s presence throughout every stage of the buyer’s journey, giving you a stronger chance of turning casual site visitors into qualified leads.

Laser-Focused Targeting

Align your ads with buyer intent to achieve low cost-per-click and maximise your conversions. 

Strategic Messaging

Turn SaaS-relevant keywords into full-funnel ads to target B2B buyers across various channels.

Faster Results

More exposure and strategic messaging drives inbound traffic light years faster than organic search optimisation.

Our SaaS Marketing Agency Services

We offer a wide range of SaaS marketing offerings to meet your business’ growing needs. All our advertising services are performed in-house by our team of experienced Geeks.

Advertising Channels

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

A full scope of paid search services—from historical account analysis and keyword research to budget management and conversion tracking setup. 

Whether you need help refining your existing campaigns or you’ve never touched Google Ads and need an expert to walk you through the process, our SaaS PPC agency services empower you with the knowledge of the real value of great advertising so you can repeat the winning formula for your next campaign.

Social Media Ads

Your B2B prospects are people too, and you can bet they’re spending a good chunk of their time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We’ll help you create catchy, scroll-stopping ads that target your audience with content that they want to consume.

Native Ads

If you have irresistible content that deserves more traffic, consider sponsored content ads, which are highly adaptable to any platform and website that appeal to your target customer. We’ll help you develop ads with strategic calls to action that target your relevant audience.

Pre-Roll & Video

Video is one of the most effective advertising channels for how-tos and awareness campaigns. It’s a fact that your customers are consuming video content more than blogs right now. Let’s capitalise on this growing trend.

Programmatic Display

Automation and advertising converge to bring you one powerful advertising tool. On just a single platform, you can create, bid, buy, and manage your display campaigns that will be seen by customers wherever they spend their digital time. With your audience data, we’ll help you reach more of the right people. For more information about programmatic display advertising, read this post.

Advertising Channels

Let’s grow your SaaS business together. Talk to one of our Geeks about your website goals.

PPC & SEO: Combine Your Marketing Strategies

Intelligent advertising means that you’re spreading your campaign budget across various channels using messaging that speaks to customers at every stage of the funnel. 

Did you know that you can use Google ads and other paid media channels to retarget possible clients who have already visited your landing pages from organic searches?

When you work with a skilled B2B SEO agency, you can strengthen your ad campaign with SEO services that’ll not only provide you with the data you need to improve your lead generation, but to also keep your website in the race for higher rankings even after your campaign is over. 

Geeky Tech has a proven track record of helping software companies win more leads with this two-pronged approach.

Backed by years of experience and hundreds of in-house tests, our B2B SEO agency has helped countless software and B2B SaaS companies reach their target buyers through industry-focused keyword strategy, web page optimisation, and high-quality backlinks.

We highly recommend coupling your SEO strategy with a full-funnel SaaS PPC campaign to capture leads for your important campaigns.

Interested in SaaS SEO? Read about GeekyTech as a B2B SaaS SEO Agency

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What PPC Can Do for Your SaaS Brand

It doesn’t matter if you’re a famous IoT brand or a manufacturer of microchip technology that’s only known by a handful of wild-haired engineers—the goal of PPC is the same: to get more leads in the shortest amount of time.


Whether you’re launching an awareness campaign to target top-of-funnel users or you want to retarget interested leads who’ve already visited your website, PPC ads are perfect for driving up business potential.


In a world where page one of Google is the most velvet-roped spot in the entire digital universe, a strategic ad campaign with a highly targeted message and a strong call to action can significantly increase your exposure and attract more of your target audience to your landing pages. 

How to Choose the Right Marketing SaaS PPC Agency

Software as a service intersects both B2B and B2C markets and offers customers a variety of solutions that they can access anywhere and anytime from their phone, tablet, or personal computer. Everything from fitness tracking and personal financing to project management and home security monitoring falls under SaaS, so it’s no surprise that the competition is fierce.


A Google Search will easily show you that there’s no shortage of advertising agencies who are ready and willing to take your money for their services. But do all of them provide the same level of value? 


You probably already know the answer to that.


So, how do you choose a B2B PPC company that can deliver on its promises? Here’s how to spot a good one:

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Partner With A SaaS PPC Agency

Let’s work together to build your SaaS technology brand online with highly effective ads that meet your customers wherever they’re at on their journey. 


Your audience is out there. We’ll help them find you.

But who are we? The folks at Geeky Tech hail from all over the globe and bring their extensive skills and experience to the table to give our customers a truly holistic digital marketing service. 


We’re a multi-headed marketing machine that has managed to crack the code on remote working while allowing our team to live the digital nomad experience. And we can’t wait to meet you.