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Unlock the full potential of your B2B SaaS product with our time-tested, lab-tested marketing solutions. Drive growth, increase customer acquisition, and dominate your niche with Geeky Tech’s expert SEO and paid media solutions.

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We Help SaaS Companies

We didn’t choose the SaaS marketing life. The SaaS marketing life chose us.

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Our B2B SaaS Marketing Services

We are the best SaaS B2B marketing agency in the business for a reason. Our stripped-down approach to marketing offers the most direct path to results that your bottom line can see. Take a look at our specialist range of digital marketing services:


Propel your online presence to new heights by increasing your search visibility, driving targeted traffic to your website, and boosting your brand’s credibility with our effective B2B SaaS SEO strategies.


Our SEO agency optimises your website’s content, structure, and performance to attract high-quality leads and encourage interest in your brand. We also utilise unique backlinking strategies to boost your site’s authority and boost your pages on search results. 


Using techniques we’ve tested over 700 times, we ensure your business ranks at the top, giving you a competitive edge in the digital landscape. Let SEO accelerate your business growth and success.

Looking for content marketing strategies?

If you’re like many SaaS companies we’ve worked with, content remains the biggest bottleneck for marketing teams of all sizes. Whether it’s a budget constraint or you’re struggling to find a writer with the right combination of talent, SEO knowledge, and speed, you’re probably wondering if we’re the guys that can help.


Short answer: of course, silly. We don’t really call ourselves a content marketing agency for enterprise software because we approach content as a vehicle to drive SEO rather than a standalone service. We help SaaS companies achieve their content goals with an in-house writing team that’s well-versed in creating optimised content for leading SaaS companies. 


Whether you lack the time or resources to get your content off the ground, we’ll provide as much support as you need to create your SEO pages and keep the wheels turning.

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Paid Media

Looking for explosive visibility and lead generation? We leverage keyword research and advanced data analytics to design, implement, and manage highly effective advertising campaigns that reach your target audience across various digital channels.


With precise audience targeting and a practically immediate boost in traffic, our SaaS marketing agency develops customised advertising solutions to optimise your ad spend, drive conversions, and deliver measurable results that boost your ROI. 


We focus on human-centric campaign management with a healthy dose of sophisticated automation, using the best-in-class software, research platforms, and agency tools. 


Our marketing agency for SaaS specialises in launching, managing, analysing, and remarketing in the following paid media channels:

Campaign Tracking & Analytics Setup

Collecting clean data from the get-go is how we roll. It’s an essential aspect of understanding how your audience interacts with your campaigns and what ads are driving the best results. Setting up your account from the beginning allows us to optimise your budget and to ensure you’re achieving the best possible ROI.


But wait, there’s more! By having a proper conversion tracking and Google properties setup, your team will never be left in the dark.


Gain valuable marketing metrics into your campaign performance and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Already tracking your campaigns? Don’t worry—we’re not the kind of cowboys that storm into your Google Analytics guns a-blazin’. We’re here to help, and during our audit phase we’d be happy to offer our recommendations based on our experience and best practices.

We Love Our SaaS Clients

Our results-driven digital marketing agency has worked with some of the top B2B software companies. But we’ve said that already. Now it’s time to show you. Take a look at our case studies.

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Why Invest in Our Digital Marketing Strategies?

At Geeky Tech, our end-to-end SEO services are made possible by nearly a century of combined experience. Using custom-made SEO tools, our team of over 15 experts can start optimising your site immediately, helping effective SaaS strategies. 


We offer a simple monthly fee with no hidden costs, contracts, or tie-ins, and we like to pride ourselves on our bullshit-free approach.

Spend Less for More Profitable Strategies

Search engine optimisation is the gift that keeps on giving. As time goes by, and the more pages you optimise and the more backlinks you get, the easier it will be to rank your site for competitive keywords.


The investment you make now lays the groundwork for future success. We’re a B2B marketing agency that focuses on compounding your efforts for long-term success.

Grow Your Internal Marketing Skills

Looking to partner with an agency that can deepen your own team’s skills and eventually take your digital marketing in-house? No problem. We’ve taken on consultancy roles in the past with great success. And since we’re on a mission to make SEO as transparent as possible, you might think of us as an open book. 

Take Advantage of our Proprietary Tools

Being super geeky and fixated on uncovering the mysteries of Google’s algorithms has led us to develop our own SEO tools to better our keyword research and apply technical and on-page optimisation. The more tools we have in our utility belt, the faster we can start producing results.


We even have a tool for you!

Maximise Your Budget for Better, Faster Growth

Should I invest in SEO or advertising, asks every marketing manager. 


On the one hand, SEO has been proven to increase visibility and drive targeted traffic, which increases conversion rates and sales. But of course, all this magic takes time, as any growth marketing agency would tell you.


On the other hand, ads have a much broader reach and, if done properly, can have an almost immediate effect on your sales pipeline. But, of course, you pay for every click and the costs can add up fast. Additionally, traffic stops the moment you stop paying. 


So which channel is best? In our opinion, you want a racehorse that’s built for both speed and endurance. A blended SEO and advertising strategy will give your site an immediate boost of qualified traffic while you build out content to outrank your competitors organically. 

Who We Are

We’ve gathered some of the brightest minds in SEO and paid advertising to offer a range of skills, perspectives, and experiences. Collectively, our team has conducted hundreds of tests, spoken at SEO events, pursued and achieved marketing PhDs, and developed in-house tools to enhance our SEO and advertising offerings. 


Based all over the world in countries like the UK, Morocco, Turkey, Portugal, Serbia, Canada, and even South Africa, our team’s collaborative spirit feels more like we’re working side-by-side around a large table rather than in virtual spaces.  


At Geeky Tech, you’ll have direct access to a dedicated team of experts who work closely with you every step of the way. For more information about each team member, check out our About Page.

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Resources to Fuel Your SaaS Growth

Frequently Asked Questions About SaaS Marketing

How Much Does Your Marketing Firm Charge?

Well hello there, chase-cutter! If you’ve come this far looking for prices, sorry for cramping your index finger. So, why didn’t we post our prices? Because we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions, which makes it a helluva lot harder to attach prices to them. We’d much rather chat with you first to discuss what you need before talking turkey. But hey, a phone call is free, so why not pick a date and time for a chat?

What are the key factors to consider when choosing a B2B marketing agency?

We know we’re not the first agency you’ve looked at. Not to be self-deprecating but digital marketing agencies are a dime a dozen, and, of course, they’re not all created equal. You can afford to be choosy and to find marketing specialists who understand your needs and can prove they’ll deliver.

Consider these key factors when shopping for the best SaaS marketing agency:

  • Specialisation: It’s clear by the fact that you’re reading this page that you’re looking for an agency with a very particular set of skills (to be read in Liam Neeson’s soft Irish lilt). Be sure the agency you’re considering has the skills required to succeed in your industry.
  • Evidence of their work: Whether it’s a full-service B2B SaaS marketing team or an agency like us that focuses on high-return strategies, every last one of them should provide proof when you ask for it. In fact, their case studies should be immediately available to you, no questions asked. Case studies should also demonstrate that the services provided were clearly instrumental in customer success stories. Watch out for vanity metrics that look amazing but that don’t really demonstrate an agency’s effectiveness in producing results. Take note if they’re only showing off their impressions, clicks, and sessions data. These are all great, but did they actually help the business close deals? You may as well ask.

Over-reliance on tools: We all use marketing automation tools to some degree. Our marketing tech stack makes our lives a lot easier and speeds up our research. But if our tools were taken away from us, we would still know how to navigate SEO. When looking for your ideal digital marketing partner, be wary of a team that can’t answer a question without consulting a tool first. Wisdom is often more important than knowledge.

What is B2B SaaS marketing?

B2B SaaS marketing is defined as any marketing effort designed to attract potential customers and eventually increase a company’s sales pipeline, usually through inbound techniques like SEO, advertising, email marketing, including content marketing.

A software marketing agency has the experience, knowledge and resources to help these companies thrive in their competitive industries using specific tools and techniques to attract B2B SaaS decision-makers and to keep them engaged throughout their journey.

How can I ensure that a marketing agency is a good fit for my company's culture?

Partnering with an agency that’s easy to vibe with makes all the difference in the world. But is it possible to know from just a few encounters whether or not it’s a good fit? Here are some ways to avoid getting trapped in a business relationship you don’t want to be in:

  • Don’t sign a contract. Easier said than done, but there are companies out there offering a full suite of marketing services that don’t lock you into a lengthy contract with expensive leave-early penalties. Geeky Tech is one of them. There are others out there too. Our philosophy is that if our services are good enough, you’ll return to us every month because you want to, not because it would cost you Tech guy Jerry’s yearly salary to cancel.
  • Ask for references. Testimonials and case studies give you a clear glimpse into what an agency can do for you. But those are stories told and curated by the agency, not the client. If you want to know what it’s really like to work with a B2B SaaS marketing agency, we recommend speaking directly to their past and current clients to get the real scoop. Agencies with a proven track record probably won’t be shy to send you their references.
  • Meet the team. Get to know the people you could potentially be working with beyond the cursory sales call. It might be a bit tricky to get a tour of the ground floor if you’re working in a virtual environment, but it’s the 21st century, for crying out loud. Where there’s a will/camera, there’s a way.
  • Evaluate their mission, vision, and values. Companies draft these for a reason. But beyond these feel-good docs, you should also get a feel for the agency from the website, case studies, and marketing materials. If they align with your company’s principles and objectives, you’re probably on the right track.
Should I choose a specialised marketing agency or a full-service agency?

The answer boils down to your internal team’s marketing goals. Are you looking for an agency that offers everything from branding to content to advertising to social to SEO? What matters more: specialisation or a breadth of coverage?

In our experience as a specialised SaaS agency, the two most effective inbound marketing channels for B2B audiences are SEO and paid media, which is one of the many reasons we focus on these two main offerings.

If you don’t have the resources to manage your social media accounts and company newsletters, and you want to find a marketing agency that helps with everything under the sun, then you may be better off finding an A to Z team. However, if you’re looking to bolt on a group of subject matter experts who can support your current marketing efforts, then you might be better suited with a smaller team of specialists.

Why should I choose a specialised B2B SaaS agency?

Allow us, if you will, to answer with a watch analogy. You have a Navimeter 32 Breitling. You saved and you sacrificed and you worked as hard as ever to purchase such a fine luxury item.

What do you do when it needs to be serviced? Do you take your precious Breitling to the watch repair guy whose little shop is attached to your local Sainsbury’s? Or do you bring it to an authorised Breitling service representative whose years of training and experience working exclusively with Breitling have given them the exact skills and tools needed to provide superior quality services.

Obviously, you want what’s best for your hefty investment. While the first guy would probably “do the trick”, he probably won’t deliver the level of polish your watch deserves, and he probably doesn’t have the skills to see to your Navimeter 32’s specific needs.
Perhaps we’re getting too in the weeds with this watch analogy, but you get the point. Working with a SaaS marketing team means you’ve invested in a group of experts who already know how to navigate your industry.

Geeky Tech has developed and perfected a ton of in-house marketing tools specifically designed around the B2B SaaS and technology marketing funnel. When you partner with a firm that already knows its way around, you don’t have to start from scratch.

What services does your B2B SaaS marketing agency offer SaaS business?

Geeky Tech’s main offerings are search engine optimisation and paid media. We know that email marketing and social media marketing are essential business marketing practices, but we are pretty stuck on the idea of providing B2B companies services with the highest rate of return. In our opinion, that really boils down to these two marketing channels. Besides, we only want to offer what we’re best at.

Can you help with lead generation and customer acquisition for my SaaS product?

Absolutely. We’ll equip your marketing team with a full-funnel strategy to attract visitors to your landing pages and help you nurture leads throughout the frankly long arduous sales process. We’re more concerned with MQLs and SQLs than vanity metrics like impressions data, so our mission is to develop a marketing plan that not only increases visibility, but also drives conversions and sales.

Are you looking for another product marketing strategy? Let us know.

Do you offer customised marketing strategies for different SaaS products?

It depends on what you mean. If your marketing and sales goals are to push demos and subscriptions as quickly as possible for a new product, then we would likely suggest an aggressive ad campaign that attracts as many of your potential clients as possible. We’ll maximise your inbound marketing efforts by continually optimising your pages as your ads run to help bolster your traffic from all sides.

What role does content marketing play in your B2B SaaS marketing strategies?

Geeky Tech is a marketing agency that specialises in SEO, so it’s always our starting point. But the good news is, SEO needs content. It’s the bountiful platter upon which those delicious keywords are served. We give SaaS brands six months’ worth of SEO content briefs at a time, so that their new pages can be created and optimised for increased visibility.

Your best bet is to get in touch with one of our strategists to discuss your content marketing needs.

What can we expect from your growth marketing services?

The first thing to know about us is that we tend to geek out on things no one else seems to care about. We’ve conducted thousands of hours of research and hundreds of tests to reverse-engineer Google’s ranking factors. We don’t claim to know all of Google’s algorithms, but after years of cultivating a deep understanding of how the search engine works, we think we’re on the right track.

Do you offer social media marketing?

As mentioned earlier, our ragtag team doesn’t pretend to be experts in social media for B2B SaaS companies, so we don’t want to offer anything less than stellar service. Having said that, we’d be more than happy to work with your sales and marketing team to craft optimised social media ads.

Can you provide case studies or examples of successful B2B SaaS marketing campaigns?

Sure thing. Head over to our results page, where you’ll see many SaaS case studies—all of which demonstrate high ROI and fast results.

Can you help with account-based marketing?

Our agency provides high-value inbound marketing strategies for the B2B technology and SaaS industries. We don’t pretend to offer account-targeted marketing and sales services, but having said that, our PPC strategies are designed to hyper-target your intended audience. Let us know what you have in mind.