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Keyword Research is Crucial for Your B2B Business

Identifying the terms that attract your target audience is the foundation of a successful SEO strategy


When you identify the terms and phrases your potential customers use when searching for the solutions your company offers, your keyword-enriched pages will be the first to grab their attention on search engine result pages.


But increased traffic shouldn’t be the main goal of your keyword-rich content. At Geeky Tech, our data-driven SEO keyword research services focus on driving both the quantity and the quality of your inbound traffic for better ROI.

Geeky Tech’s SEO Keyword Research Services

Targeted Keywords

Full-Funnel Search Topics

Better ROI

We are specialists in B2B SEO and PPC for SaaS and technology brands. Our tried-and-tested services and no-nonsense approach to marketing sets us apart from other digital marketing companies.


Here’s what you get with our enterprise SaaS SEO agency:

User Search Behaviour Mapping

You know who your ideal customer is, but do you know how they use Google Search and what terminology they use when looking for products or services that you offer? 


Our strategists expand on your user profile to include their typical search behaviour and search intent, drawing on years of experience in various B2B industries. 


This is the fundamental step in our keyword research and strategy. 


Not only does it help us get a better picture of who exactly the decision makers are, but it also gives us essential information we need to develop a strategy to outrank your competitors and keep your audience engaged throughout the entire buyer’s journey.

Competitor Benchmarking & Keyword Strategy

Once we’ve determined who your target audience is and what they’re looking for, our keyword research process moves on to determining who in your industry is already ranking for those terms. 


By discovering who the real competition is and how well optimised their pages are, we’ll determine if it’s more profitable to compete for the same terms or to go after other relevant high-commercial search terms that have similar search volume but lower competition.


We’ll also examine your existing web pages to establish if these keywords can be easily added to your existing copy for a quick SEO boost.


Once your team has narrowed down your selection of the right keywords, we’ll produce SEO briefs and set you up with a six-month content calendar. 

See how far a six-month content calendar can take you.
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Try Our Other Essential SEO Services

SEO doesn’t stop at the keyword phase. Now that you know what your clients are looking for, don’t forget about these other stages of search engine optimisation:

Tracking & Analytics Setup

Quantify your SEO investment with accurate reporting.

On-Page & Technical SEO

Optimise the elements on your page for keywords, speed, performance, and user experience.

Backlink Optimisation

Get backlinks from trustworthy, high-quality sites that are highly relevant to your site's subject for better domain authority and higher Google Search rankings.
Our SEO strategist Christian has helped your competitors reach number 1.
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What Makes Geeky Tech Different

Using fluff, fancy marketing jargon, and other cheap tricks are unnecessary when you 


a) know what you’re doing; 

b) have perfected the perfect route to higher ROI through SEO; 

c) offer nothing more or less than what you know you can deliver.

Industry Expertise

Our globetrotting team is made up of SEO strategists, data scientists, designers, content creators, project managers, media buyers, marketing ninjas, and technical optimisation specialists.


Combined, our growing team has over a century of field experience from various sides of the SEO polyhedral dice. Many of us come by our SEO knowledge through experience alone, while others have been drawn to this field by way of academia. 


But no matter who we are or where we come from, our geeky proclivities have made us perfectly suited to offer SEO for tech companies.

Custom Solutions

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, which is why it’s silly for us to offer keyword analysis at a flat rate. And depending on how far along you are in your own marketing journey, you might be looking for more than just a keyword specialist.


Our SEO keyword services are customised to meet the specific needs of your company. Customising our solutions means you won’t be spending your budget on services your team doesn’t need.

Data-Driven Approach

Every decision we make is backed by evidence. Everything we offer, we do for ourselves, and we’ve often used our own site to run tests and to ensure that what we’re offering can yield consistent results. 


We also make use of the latest tools and techniques to ensure our strategies are based on solid insights and real-time information.

Transparent Reporting

Transparency means that your team isn’t left in the dark regarding keyword data. 


Transparency means that you’ll be empowered to take SEO into your own hands. 


Transparency means that you know exactly how your marketing dollars are being spent. 


Like we said, we’ve got nothing to hide. You’ll receive detailed reports every month along with a dedicated call with our specialists so you’re always on the same page.

Success Stories

We helped this B2B cybersecurity company achieve 491% ROI in under 12 months

Our SEO consulting for SaaS helped a leading cybersecurity company generate £261,280 in new business with just a £40,000 SEO investment. 


How did we do it? We started by targeting lower competition terms that they could easily win before moving on to other more competitive terms that they were eventually big enough to compete for. 

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