SaaS SEO Services: Injecting SaaS Companies With SEO Juice

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The SaaS SEO Consultants For Online Success

As a B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) company, you know that having a strong online presence is crucial for business growth and sales. To grow your organic traffic, you need specialised SEO consulting for SaaS companies.


Our team of experienced SEO consultants specialises in helping SaaS businesses enhance their visibility, attract quality organic traffic, and get results for your marketing efforts.


We can show you how to create a sustainable SEO process that keeps your business at the top of Google search results for years to come. Let’s work together to take your SaaS company to new heights.

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Our SaaS SEO Approach

Bespoke Strategy

Your goals and challenges are unique to you, so why should your SEO strategy be generic? 

To create a bespoke strategy for you, we dig deeper into what you’re already doing well, what needs improvement, what you’re doing wrong, and what you’re not doing at all.

Then—and only then—do we create the content marketing and SEO plan for your SaaS company. 

So, it works for YOU.

A Data-First Approach

Why do we do so much research before drafting your strategy?

Because, a strategy without data is just guesswork. 

That’s why our SaaS SEO experts spend time doing an audit of your website. That’s why we do extensive keyword research to identify the best queries for your business.

That’s why we spend time crunching numbers.

So, you get an SEO plan that is based on data, not guesses.

Optimised Content

SEO for B2B SaaS is more than just bits of code inserted in your website’s HTML.

It also forms the basis of your content plan. 

For a page to be optimised, you need keywords. These keywords need to be inserted in your copy strategically.

That means finding the intent behind the keyword and answering that specific question in your copy.

It also means having clear, convincing copy that will convert. That’s what our SEO company will help you achieve.

How We Work With You

Free SEO Review

Get a free review of your website before you agree to work with us.

Discovery Meeting

A way for us to understand your business better and for you to tell us what you’re looking for.

Keyword Analysis

The first step—finding out what queries your SaaS SEO campaigns should be optimised for.

Optimisation Strategy

The planning stage for the best way to optimise your website for maximum conversions.

Strategy Implementation

The stage where we put plans into action, usually every month.

Reporting and Revising

Gathering information from the results of your SEO performance and tweaking the strategy to make it better.

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Our SaaS SEO Services

We can all agree that SEO for SaaS businesses is important. It helps you get discovered by your customers by pushing you up in search engine rankings. But, how do we do it?


Since SEO is made up of different elements, here’s our SaaS marketing strategy.

Keyword Research

The first step to a successful SEO strategy is keyword research. This tells us what your viewers are searching for when they find you. It also tells us which terms you should be coming up for. 


Keyword research also tells us what terms your competitors are being found with, and if you are also optimised for them. That also gives us a chance to study what they are doing, so we can help you create a better content marketing strategy!

Technical SEO

As the name suggests, technical SEO is made up of activities that help search engine crawlers read your website. That tells them what it is about, which is then used as a factor to decide when to show it to searchers.


There are a few activities under this heading. If you want a more detailed look, head over to our SEO services page. However, here’s a short list of what we might check:


  • Are your web pages being indexed? 
  • Is the content “readable” to search spiders?
  • Are the webpages loading quickly enough?
  • Are all pages of the website accessible to your users?

On-Page SEO

Whilst technical SEO was more for the benefit of the search spiders, on-page SEO focuses on your users. That means identifying what they are looking for, highlighting those pages, and creating new pages if needed.


On-page SEO also looks at internal linking, image optimisation, optimising URLs, and more.

Plus, making sure the content is designed to convert also falls under this heading.

Off-Page SEO

Technical optimisation and on-page optimisation focus on ensuring your website is structured properly. However, off-page optimisation helps build your reputation outside your assets.


The process is also called link building, as we want other reputable organisations to link back to you. We want them to cite you as an expert, authority, or respected provider of a service.


That, in turn, builds trust with your customers.

Content Strategy

This step is the glue that holds all other aspects of SEO together. Without an effective SaaS content marketing strategy, your technical SEO will not yield great results. On-page optimisation relies heavily on content. Even off-page optimisation will not bear fruit if your content is not link-worthy.


Plus, even if you set aside SEO, your content is what attracts new customers. It convinces them to buy from you, and, sometimes, helps retain them.


That’s why your content strategy needs to be on point. And, we can help you with that.

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SaaS SEO =/= Regular SEO

Well, that’s not entirely true. SEO is SEO, no matter what. What makes SaaS SEO different is how one tackles the technical nature of the content.


Content marketing is still one of the best ways to gain traction online. In a world where generic, bland, mass-produced content abounds, you want to distinguish yourself with great content. 


At the same time, your content needs to align with your SEO plan.


A SaaS SEO consulting company will have experience with other such businesses. It will be able to pass on the benefit of their experience to you.


Plus, they’ll help you craft technical content that appeals to your readers.

Helping Your SaaS Business Get Visibility & Build Authority

A strong SEO strategy means you will rank better on search engines. If you show up on the front page of Google when someone is searching for services you can provide, you’ll be able to gain new customers.


Let’s say customers come to your website and find content that is relevant and valuable. Now, they’ll be more likely to either buy from you outright or think of you when they do want to buy.


In addition to the direct benefit, you also build your online reputation with brilliant content that’s well-optimised. It helps you get more backlinks. It builds credibility with both customers and other industry players. And, it establishes you as an industry leader.


This is something we’ve been doing for a while, and have produced results that have made clients very, very happy.


Answering Your Questions

Why Does My SaaS Business Need Seo?

With most people relying on online search to find services and solutions, your business must establish its presence in cyberspace.

And, whilst SEO may take time to show results, it is the best way to build your presence in a long-term, sustainable way.

How Does SEO Work?

Google and other search engines rely on optimisation to “figure out” what your website offers. That’s why keywords are important. If you optimise a webpage for the keyword “API management”, search engines know to show it as a result when people search for the term.

The way they can tell is through technical SEO as well as user signals.

Technical SEO is the “behind the scenes” coding that search-spiders “read” and determine what your page is talking about. On-page SEO is optimising the content on the page. So, if your head tag and the main heading tag mentioned “API management”, Google would show your page to people searching for it.

That’s when user signals come into play. Let’s say someone was offered your page as a result of their search. However, they ignored it based on the page’s meta title and meta description. That tells Google that something on your page is not ideal for that keyword.

It could be something as innocuous as the meta-description not being appealing enough. On the other hand, it could be that the page doesn’t really answer the search query.

For example, let’s take someone who was searching for “API management solutions”. If your page is about “API management meaning”, they might not find it relevant. 

(That’s the reason why your SEO content strategy needs to focus on search intent, which not all tech SEO agencies might look at.)

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect And How Soon?

With a well-planned SEO strategy, you can expect brilliant results. However, they will not be quick. SEO is a slow, long-term strategy and process. It might yield quick results if you don’t have much competition. 

But, on average, you might need to wait at least six months to a year to notice any results.

Geeky Tech: The Preferred SEO Consulting Agency for SaaS Companies

Our SEO services for SaaS businesses have been refined over the years. That’s why we can confidently say we will give you the results you want. We understand SEO and we understand technology.  


As a result, we can help your business grow by ensuring it gets seen by your customers. If you’re still not sure, why not give us a call and enjoy a free consultation with the best SaaS SEO team?