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Scale Your Enterprise SaaS Brand with Organic SEO

In the growing landscape of enterprise SaaS, a strong digital presence isn’t just an advantage–it’s essential for staying ahead of other brands. There’s nothing more competitive than a search engine result page, and search engine optimisation is the most sustainable, reliable, and cost-efficient way to propel your software-as-a-service solution into the spotlight.

At Geeky Tech, we understand that every click, every lead, and every conversion matters. That’s why we’re here to equip your business with tailored Enterprise SaaS SEO strategies that not only boost your visibility but also establish your brand as a dominant force within your niche.

How We Help You Drive Business Success with Organic Search

A Data-Driven Strategies

Our in-house SEO techniques have been tried and tested over 700 times. We made sure that what we’re selling is nothing short of ironclad.


We rely on the strength of our results to showcase our value, so we don’t need to hide behind smoke and mirrors to impress you.

SEO Skills Sharing

Your success is our success. We’re happy to share SEO advice to improve your in-house marketing team’s organic search tactics.

Tailored Solutions for Enterprise SaaS SEO

Full-scale SEO solutions for SaaS businesses of every size. 

Keyword Research

Capitalise on user intent and search behaviour to increase site visibility.

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of your industry’s biggest players and their highest-performing keywords.
  • Research your target audience’s search behaviour to start shaping a list of profitable and relevant keywords that have high search volume and low-to-mid ranking difficulty.
  • Develop a content calendar based around the most brand-essential keywords and help your team create optimised content using our SEO-ready briefs.
  • Continuously monitor industry trends for keyword opportunities and restart the content-building process.
Technical SEO

Optimise site performance and user experience, and command higher rankings.

  • Conduct a thorough technical audit of your site to flag any immediate issues that could be affecting your current rankings.
  • Identify “quick win” pages that need only slight tweaks to make a huge difference to their visibility.
  • Set up (and sometimes clean up) monitoring and tracking in Google Analytics to give your team essential marketing insights.
  • Continuously optimise and monitor new content using SEO on-page best practices.
    Monitor site performance and make any necessary adjustments to improve SEO.
  • Alternatively, monitor site performance and recommend changes to your web development team.

Solidify your online authority and unlock untapped growth potential.

  • Acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable websites in your industry via relevant articles, press releases, and brand mentions.
  • Claim, build, and optimise your brand’s social media accounts to protect from potential imitators and generate backlinks to your site.
  • Attract targeted referral traffic to your enterprise SaaS product from relevant and authoritative websites, social media accounts, and directories.

Accelerate your traffic with strategic advertising your audience is guaranteed to see.

  • Effective remarketing campaigns that target previous site visitors on search engines to ensure your brand stays top-of-mind.
  • Pay-per-click search ads that guarantee your software company is seen first by potential customers looking for your product or service.
  • Strategic social media targeting on platforms like LinkedIn and other popular social accounts.
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Real Results from Satisfied SaaS Clients

Grow Your SaaS Business Organically With Enterprise SEO

Increase Organic Visibility

By implementing effective SEO strategies, such as keyword research, on-page optimisation, and backlink strategy, you’re well on your way to improving your organic search visibility. The higher your rankings, the bigger the audience, and the more traffic your site will receive. And since that high volume of organic traffic is targeted, your site visitors are more likely to convert into qualified leads.

Build Brand Authority

A mixture of high-quality content and off-page SEO go a long way in building brand authority and turning your company into an industry thought leader. By consistently producing high-quality pages that address the needs and challenges of your target audience, you’ll build credibility, trust, and brand recognition, which, in turn, drives business growth.

Enhance User Experience

By enhancing your site structure, navigation, page load speed, and mobile-friendliness (amongst other things), you’re giving your visitors a better user experience, and ultimately, paving the way for higher conversion rates.

Expand Target Market

We’ll leverage keyword data to help you target multiple segments in your industry. Using various keyword themes to create and optimise content for specific customer segments will allow you to attract and engage new audiences.

For example, we helped our client target two completely different target audiences (web developers and recruiters) using a combination of keyword research, technical optimisation, and content.

Outperform Competitors

It goes without saying that by outranking your competitors, your company can attract customers who might have otherwise chosen other SaaS brands that were more visible on search engine result pages.

Measure and Optimise

Analysing your site’s metrics—such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, and conversion rates—can identify areas for improvement and give you valuable insights into how to continuously optimise and improve not only your SEO strategies but your business overall.

Read more about the importance of enterprise SEO analytics.

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Outsource Your Marketing to an Enterprise SEO Agency for Better & Faster Results

A B2B SaaS SEO agency has a team of specialists with extensive experience in various aspects of organic search, digital marketing, and even data science. By hiring outside of your organisation, you’ll have access to a multi-headed machine that won’t cost nearly as much as bringing it all in house.

Other Benefits of Outsourcing Your SEO

Meet Our Expert Team

Our B2B SaaS SEO agency is made up of a real geeky bunch of SEO strategists, advertising ninjas, data scientists, and web creatives…and we all love tech.


As a group, our team has decades of experience working in and for SaaS, tech, and IT. Working with a team that speaks your language makes for a happy partnership.


Our team is small on purpose. All projects are assigned a single team member who guides each client through their setup, SEO strategy, and monthly reporting. 


We also minimise the number of people our clients need to interact with on any other aspect of the project in order to simplify and streamline our communication.

Why Work With Geeky Tech

Oh geez, where to start? 

Tools + Team

We use a combination of third-party and proprietary analytics and SEO tools, both of which we’ve mastered. We’ve found the winning combination that covers every angle of data we want to collect. Sure, plugins and free versions are a great way for marketing teams to get their feet wet, but they don’t give our people the full scope of what’s really going on behind the curtains.

We get pretty geeky about data analysis. It’s an essential step in gaining comprehensive insights that drive effective marketing strategies (plus, it’s fun). What sets us apart is not just our access to these tools, but our ability to analyse and leverage the data to improve your marketing efforts.

100% Transparency

Ever worked with an agency before that was all like, “don’t you worry your pretty little head about these pesky SEO details—we got this!”?

Yeah, well, agencies like that are probably capitalising on your naïveté to make more money. Sounds harsh, but there’s no reason an agency should keep their SEO techniques a secret. First of all, SEO knowledge isn’t a secret. The only barrier to entry is the amount of time you want to spend on upskilling yourself. And secondly, the more your team understands what SEO is and how it works, the more engaged and empowered your team will be to allocate the appropriate resources to your SEO project and to manage your expectations about your results.

As part of our commitment to transparency, we provide detailed reports on a monthly basis. We are more than happy to go over these reports with you, ensuring that you are completely in the loop about our progress and results. Transparency is not just a motto for us; it is a core value that drives our business.

Time Management

So, if SEO is accessible to everybody, why should you hire an SEO agency to do it? Well, just to clarify, we said that SEO knowledge is out there for anyone to learn, but understanding how to optimise your website doesn’t necessarily make you an expert…at least not overnight.

Our experience, resources, and knowledge allow your SaaS company to redirect your focus toward running your business. The process of setting up, managing, and tracking your SEO requires dedicated time and effort—it’s a full-time job. That’s why so many enterprises choose to outsource their SaaS marketing to our experienced team of experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your SEO services cost?

We typically don’t show our prices without first speaking to the client, as we like to understand what they’re looking for and how quickly they want to see results. That way, we can recommend a pricing option that best suits their needs.

We utilise a credit system, in which we assign our ongoing project tasks a credit value rather than a monetary value. This allows us to better customise your project plan and allocate resources where they are most needed.

Do you offer a free trial?

We tell all our customers that results start to peak at 3–6 months, so it would not be feasible for us to offer an extended trial period. We do, however, make it really easy for clients to test us out on a trial basis and then walk away if they aren’t satisfied with our results.

My company is based in Sydney/Vancouver/Dallas/Paris/Singapore. Can you work in my timezone?

Of course. We leverage online productivity and organisational tools to help us schedule meetings with our customers no matter what time zone they’re in. We pride ourselves on our response time and ability to work around everyone’s schedule, so it’s never been a problem.

Can your agency help fix our company’s migration issues?

Absolutely. Absolutely. A poor site migration can cause serious technical SEO issues, which has been the main reason some of our customers have sought our help. Whilst the term “SEO migration” can mean any number of things—a domain change, a major redesign, a switch to another CMS, etc.—it’s imperative that your team knows what it’s doing so that it doesn’t upend all your hard-earned SEO efforts.

We’ve repaired quite a few poor site migrations, most notably Avantra’s, and we’re confident that we can help you with yours, no matter how complicated it might be.

Why is it important to choose a sector-specific agency for SaaS SEO?

Any general-industry SEO agency would produce satisfactory results if its team knew what it was doing. But the difference between working with a one-size-fits-all agency and one that works specifically in your niche is the same difference as hiring a window fitter to install your new windows rather than a general contractor. Enterprise SaaS is such a fiercely competitive market—why wouldn’t you want to work with specialists that can prove their success?

Read more about our SEO for SaaS on it’s dedicated page. 

What are the strategies involved in enterprise SaaS SEO?

Like all SEO strategies, enterprise SaaS SEO campaigns should start with keyword research and competitor benchmarking. There should be a strong focus on content marketing in order to support customers throughout their buying journey and to stay competitive in the race to page one for keywords. SaaS companies should also ensure that their websites are as finely tuned as their own technology, otherwise, potential customers might question the company’s reputation as a cutting edge B2B software brand.

Why is expertise, authority, and trustworthiness important for SEO success?

Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, otherwise known as E-A-T, is a term used by Google in its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines (there is now an extra E, which stands for ‘experience’), to describe how it measures the quality and credibility of your site. The more you can demonstrate E-E-A-T through high-quality content, as well as backlinks and mentions, the higher your pages will rank.

What are the challenges of enterprise SaaS SEO?

Heavy competition is one of the biggest challenges for SaaS companies, especially when it comes to B2B. Giant corporations with unlimited marketing budgets are hard to beat in search results (unless, of course, you’re also backed by a marketing team with an unlimited budget), which makes SEO all the more important. Other challenges include long sales cycles and creating content that supports the buyer’s journey.

What are the main elements of on-page SEO?

The term on-page SEO usually encompasses both technical optimisation and on-page optimisation, and covers a great deal of ground. Typically, everything that falls under on-page SEO involves techniques that make your web pages more visible, accessible, and user-friendly. Here are some examples of what an on-page specialist might be responsible for:

  • Mobile friendliness
  • Multi-browser compatibility
  • UX/accessibility
  • Duplicate content
  • PageSpeed and performance
  • GDPR
  • Existing redirects and redirect chains
  • Sitewide schema
  • HTML language attributes
  • Valid SSL certificate
  • XML sitemap
  • Breadcrumbs (on the page and on the SERP)
  • Social media links
  • Open Graph settings
  • Keyword density
  • Google Services and Bing Webmaster setup
  • Self-referencing canonical tags
How important is content creation in enterprise SaaS SEO?

Pretty important. Regularly producing keyword-rich content is essential for ranking in Google and other search engines. Due to the competitive nature of B2B SaaS, it is arguably more important for software companies to commit to a robust content production schedule. As the buyer’s journey is long and often complicated, content should support your target audience at every stage.

Why do enterprise SaaS companies struggle to scale SEO?

Based on experience, the biggest struggle SaaS companies face is meeting content demands. We’ve seen huge corporations slow their results down to a tiny trickle because they could not keep up with their content calendar. Without new content, companies miss out on essential ranking opportunities, which can directly impact a company’s scalability.