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Geeky Tech is a full-scale B2B Internet Marketing Agency for technology, software, and IT companies. Our goal is to help companies reach their customers and use the internet to generate awareness, increase sales, and build brand loyalty. We help companies reach their customers through data-driven SEO practices, beautiful and functional web design, and highly successful paid advertising.

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Our B2B Internet Marketing Agency Helps Businesses Grow

Marketing your brand to B2B customers is all about making yourself visible to your customers so you can raise awareness of your brand and start building a solid relationship with your target audience. Unlike B2C customers, the B2B buyer’s journey is focused on the needs of the organisation they represent. You’ll need to stay relevant and top-of-mind with a solid message that presents real value to decision makers and demonstrates a clear path to profits and productivity.

The right B2B marketing strategy can lead to a quicker sales cycle, increased sales, and customer loyalty. 

Our B2B internet marketing agency experts will build you an authentic marketing campaign across various channels we know your B2B customers are using.  

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Our B2B Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimisation
If your B2B website struggles to get organic traffic, it may be suffering from a serious case of SEO deficiency. Our search marketing experts diagnoses the problem with a complete site audit of your website’s keywords, technical set-up, content, design, and off-page authority to develop and launch a data-driven B2B SEO campaign. We’ll turn your placeholder website into your greatest digital sales tool by raising awareness of your brand. Boost your page-one rankings, drive high-quality traffic, and make your domain a subject-matter authority in the eyes of Google. Ready to whip your website into shape? Let’s Get Geeky.
Web Design and Development

If Pluto was still considered a planet the last time your site was updated, then chances are it’s not optimised for Web 2.0. In a highly competitive world of B2B inbound marketing, your site needs to be functional, easy to navigate, and visually appealing. Our WordPress web designers can work with your existing site or build you a brand-new one with engaging features and a stunning design that raises the bar and sets you apart from your competitors. Your site will be SEO-ready and set up to track your organic and paid traffic results.

Paid Advertising

A paid media campaign makes you visible to your target personas even when they’re not searching the internet. If you want a quick burst of quality traffic to complement your long-term SEO strategy, our advertising Geeks will work with you to develop ads that raise awareness and encourage your customers down the sales funnel, no matter where they are in their buying journey. We’re experts at Google Ads, social media marketing, and programmatic advertising.


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The Best B2B Internet Marketing Channels

Digital marketing channels are constantly evolving. The most obvious example of this is the rise of the internet. Before we had websites, telemarketing and mailers were effective outbound marketing tools. Now, telemarketing is not exactly seen as a cost-efficient marketing tool.


We recommend focusing your time and money on the marketing channels that give you the highest return on investment. The most successful B2B marketing channels of today are:

You don’t need to go full steam ahead into every channel to run a successful marketing campaign, but it helps to know which strategy has the most potential to reach the highest number of new leads.


Understanding where and how to allocate your web marketing spend is the agency’s job. If you have a budget, a call to action, and a target persona, the agency will suggest how to distribute your company’s money to the most effective marketing channels. This is based on experience of industry trends and researching where your customers are.


Geeky Tech has worked with many B2B technology, software, and IT companies. We have accumulated an in-depth understanding of who your customers are and how they spend their digital time.

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Programmatic Display Advertising: the Future of Paid Media

We’re always looking for innovative and geeky ways to serve our customers. 


That’s why we’re so excited to have programmatic advertising Geeks running our paid ad campaigns.


Programmatic Display Advertising (PDA) is the advertising stock market of the internet. It involves publishers, exchange platforms, advertisers, and customers. With a click of a button, our Geeks can launch data-driven ad campaigns that target highly specific audiences based on their demographics and psychographics (such as their interests, activities, and opinions).


Access to third-party data is what makes PDA so successful and profitable. It lets us zero in on the customers you want (and who want you), while not spending money on those you don’t. For example, if you run an SAP software company, we’ll be able to follow ERP decision-makers on sites they frequently visit whenever they visit them. 

How Building Site Authority Can Help Your B2B Customers Find You

Google’s algorithms have well over 200 ranking factors, but the main thing they’re looking for is site backlinks. 

Links to your domain from high-authority websites strengthen your site’s own authority, which makes you a credible subject matter expert in the eyes of Google. 

You might be thinking, “but we already are subject matter experts!” This is probably true in the real world, but the best way to prove that to search engines is by establishing your site as a credible source of information that’s known and respected by other websites.

Geeky Tech has developed highly effective backlink techniques to boost site authority and drive your website straight to the top of Google. We go off-site to optimise business citation pages, reviews, Q&A answers, press releases, site mentions from other high-authority domains, and more.

This is crucial to the success of our B2B marketing services. For one, our efforts are designed to push your site to the top of search result pages, so that it’s the first thing a customer sees when searching for your product or service. And secondly, the wider net we cast with backlinks makes your brand more visible to B2B customers who are looking for company reviews and suggestions within their own community. 

We’ll Help You Climb Your Way Out of Google Obscurity & Achieve Brand Loyalty in 8 Easy Steps

Step 1
FREE site audit
Step 2
Keyword competitor analysis and development
Step 3
Technical and on-page SEO
Step 4
Website analysis
Step 5
WordPress web design, development, and launch
Step 6
Content building and implementing using rankable keywords​
Step 7
Establishing domain authority with quality backlinks
Step 8
Ongoing management and maintenance
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Why You Don’t Our See Prices

Our B2B Internet Marketing Agency offers bespoke digital services. We know from experience that offering one-size-fits-all packages just doesn’t work. We’d much rather craft a bespoke marketing solution that checks off all your boxes, so you’re focusing your budget on where it will make the most difference.


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Leaders In B2B Internet Marketing

Throughout the years, we’ve helped B2B technology, software, and IT enterprises reach overwhelming success. We cultivate strong relationships with all our partners, and that’s one of the reasons we don’t bother tying customers into lengthy contracts: we know that it’s the results of our work that keeps our clients coming back. 

As a B2B technology marketing agency, we excel at finding ways to increase your site’s visibility on search engine result pages and reach the customers who need your service the most. We offer quick wins and long-term results that will probably astound you.

Stick with us, kid, and your site might just end up on our hall of fame:

Partner With Us

We are a geeky bunch of search marketing and advertising experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience helping B2B tech companies grow online.

We work closely with our clients and walk them through each step of the process to empower them with the knowledge they need to create better content and gain valuable customer insights.


We call it a partnership because we are all striving toward a common goal: to reach more customers and make more sales. 


We are a small but mighty team. We work together entirely online, and our modest size simplifies collaboration and the distribution of tasks. You’ll be working intimately with the same individuals throughout the partnership, so you know exactly who can answer your questions (and you’ll have fewer names to remember, too!). 


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