SaaS SEO Agency: Data-Driven Strategy For Your Business

Learn about the benefits and pillars of SaaS SEO agencies and how they can help scale your SaaS brand.

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Driving Your SQLs and MRRs With the Right SEO Strategy

Geeky Tech is a SaaS SEO agency that will help you boost your digital footprint and organic growth. We offer B2B SEO strategy that gives you the ability to drive consistent leads, raise brand awareness, and broaden the company’s reach.

But, why use our services?

Here’s our logic.

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SaaS businesses operate in a highly competitive and dynamic digital space. Standing out from the crowd is not optional — it’s essential. Customers have a wealth of choice available at the click of a mouse. You have a challenge on your hands, capturing their attention and keeping it.

That’s where we come into the picture.


Our Geeks position your brand right at the forefront where customers are looking. Our expertise enables SaaS businesses to cut through the noise. We help you tap into market distribution and drive customer acquisition effectively.


When you join hands with Geeky Tech, you allow your SaaS business to be appreciated by the right target audience. We facilitate growth in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and sales-qualified leads (SQL).


An alliance with us forges to pave the path towards a fruitful digital journey.

Data-Driven Strategy, Designed For You

SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all tactic. You are completely different from your competitors, even if they offer the same service or product as you. What works for them isn’t always what will work for you. Your goals are different.


That’s why you need a tailor-made strategy. For that, you need data.


As a SaaS SEO agency, we leverage our unique set of performances, techniques, and tools to gather relevant information. We use this to devise a strategy geared towards serving the interests of your business. 


Our objective? Offering you a tailor-made journey towards success.

The Three Pillars of SEO

Once we’ve gathered the data, we develop your strategy on the three main pillars of SEO: on-page, off-page, and technical. Each of these helps enhance your brand’s visibility and reach in the online world.


On-page SEO is what you do and create within your website. Everything from content creation to SEO content optimisation plays out here.


Your journey starts with keyword research. We identify search terms that resonate with your target audience and align with search engine algorithms. By effectually spearheading keyword research, we empower you to draw in your ideal customers.


Using well-researched, highly semantic keywords, on-page SEO makes your web pages more engaging and relevant to search engine bots. Our content specialists focus on optimising elements such as headers, meta tags, and URLs, scoring top-level SEO activations to influence how search engines interpret your pages.


Whilst we optimise your website, we simultaneously start working on your off-page SEO. This involves priming elements outside your website to influence your brand’s reputation and SEO standings. We use methods such as link-building strategies and partnering with well-regarded off-page managers. That helps your SaaS brand gain the recognition it deserves.


The final pillar is technical SEO. This fuels distribution optimisation and user experience improvements. Its premise lies in refining the back-end structure of a SaaS business’s website, ensuring it is crawler-friendly and fast.


Our tech SEO analysts work tirelessly behind the scenes. Their role is to perform a technical SEO audit and find out how you can please the search engine bots. Then, they go and implement those changes.

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Why You Need a SaaS SEO Agency

SEO is essential for digital success. It helps improve organic search rankings, push website traffic, and drive qualified leads. It’s a critical component of any successful SaaS marketing plan.


You might ask, “why specifically SaaS businesses?”

The reason lies in the nature of your business. SaaS businesses usually operate on a subscription model. The health of your business isn’t determined solely by new customers but by consistent customers.


Driving consistent leads and retaining them is the lifeline of a SaaS business, and SEO effectively gels with this model.


That’s why our sound SEO strategy can propel your business to unprecedented heights. We find the right audience—the ones who need your service. Then, we optimise your brand for search engines, so they can find you more easily.


The idea is to place your brand under the right spotlight, so you get noticed by those who matter.

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Build Your Business With Our SaaS SEO Agency

Technical SEO, on-page optimisations, and link building are all part of an encompassing strategy. We do more than just tinker with keywords and links. We delve deep into ways to improve user experience. We take charge of content modelling to make your website more attractive.


And, this isn’t just about gaining initial traction.


A well-rounded SEO strategy, when enacted properly, has the power to persuade visitors to stay. It compels them to explore your offerings, and ultimately opt for them. It’s about building a sustainable growth machine for your SaaS, a machine that runs on the fuel of SEO.

Not Just Organic!

SEO is like a healthy meal, with lots of fibre and the right amount of fat and protein. It’ll keep you healthy, and sustain you longer. But, sometimes, you need a bit of sugar for a burst of energy.


In the digital marketing world, that instant energy is provided by paid advertising—just as a boost to your long-term SEO efforts.


Paid advertising delivers faster results. These are super targeted and can be tailored for every stage of the sales funnel. So, when they are presented in front of your audience, they are more likely to notice.


And, we can present your ads to them when they are browsing the web or on social media. Just let us know what you want to achieve.

Why Choose Geeky Tech As Your SaaS SEO Agency?

There are several reasons why we’d be a great SaaS SEO agency for you. However, here are some of the important ones.

Our Results

Go ahead and take a look at our track record. At Geeky Tech, our results speak for themselves. We’ve designed SEO strategies for a range of technology companies, all of whom have seen spectacular successes.


Whether your goal is more traffic, better online visibility, or increased conversions, we can help you with everything.

Real Results from Satisfied SaaS Clients

Our Expertise

The reason why we’ve maintained such a brilliant track record is because we care about what we do. After we were let down by our SEO agency, we went and did our own research. Meticulously and methodically, we’ve dissected and studied what search engines want.


The result?


A clear, logical approach that always yields results.

Our Culture

At Geeky Tech, we have gathered a bunch of Geeks from across the world. Because we don’t have a physical location, we can recruit the best of the best from around the world. Currently, the team spans across three continents.


As a fully remote team, communication is our number one priority. That trickles down to how we interact with our clients as well. You’ll hear from us regularly, whether it’s a monthly scheduled call or emails to inform you of our progress.


As Geeks ourselves, we understand how technology and SaaS companies operate. We don’t do “stuffy business suits” and don’t expect you to, either. What we do value is clear communication, realistic goal-setting, and transparency. We hold ourselves accountable for your growth strategy, treating your success as our own.

Take the Next Step!

You know your business well. But, do you understand SEO and all its components as well? We do.


We can help you power up your brand’s digital journey. Because you know that boost is essential in a growing SaaS world. To use a construction analogy, you need a strong foundation to build a resilient and long lasting building.


SEO gives you that firm base to grow on, and we are the B2B SEO agency that can help you build it.


Do you want to watch your SaaS brand thrive?

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