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Geeky Tech team having a meeting

Geeky Tech is a digital marketing agency that was founded only four years ago. We started out doing email marketing, which quickly progressed into SMS, design, branding, website development, and more.

Geeky Tech team having a meeting

Top UK Service Provider

In Clutch’s most recent report, Geeky Tech was selected as a top UK B2B service provider in the creative and design category out of thousands of companies, specifically as one of the top UX designers in the UK. We could not be more excited about being featured on the platform! 


Clutch is a B2B service ratings and reviews agency that strives to connect buyers with the best global service providers. Clutch’s extensive research covers industries like IT services, mobile app and web development, and advertising and marketing. With this research, Clutch provides buyers with the crucial market insight they need to make important business-buying decisions.

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More Recognition

In addition to our achievement on Clutch, its sister website, known as The Manifest, has recognised us as one of the top global business consulting firms! The Manifest is a B2B service research platform, and offers how-to resources on the best marketing and IT practices. 


Additionally, Visual Objects lists our firm among other top web design companies. Visual Objects is another Clutch sister site, and allows buyers to view service providers’ work portfolios and visualise past projects. These lists help us connect with clients who can benefit from the breadth of skills and expertise.

A Word From Ben

We are overjoyed by our level of recognition. Ben Hawkshaw-Burn, CEO of Geeky Tech, comments on this exciting news:

“We are extremely proud to see our hard work rewarded by being named a UK Leader by Clutch. At Geeky Tech, we believe that when the shackles and restrictions from a typical working environment are removed, a whole new world of creativity is unleashed.”

The Future of Geeky Tech

We continue to deliver strong and measurable results to our clients, and are always looking for new opportunities to partner with ambitious businesses. We’re looking forward to growing our partnership with Clutch and collecting more client feedback going forward. 

Learn more about our company and the various services we offer on our Clutch profile.

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