5 ways remarketing ads can improve your marketing ROI

Remarketing infographic displaying ads on several media and devices

Pay-per-click ads give you the ability to target hyper-specific audiences and drive them into your marketing funnel.

The bad news is that, on average, only 2% of visitors convert during their first visit.

The good news is that you don’t have to lose all hope of selling to the 98% of users who didn’t convert.

In fact, you can build a strategy specifically for converting people who left your site initially.

The technique is quite simple and yet effective.

It’s called remarketing.

What is remarketing?

Others prefer calling it retargeting: it’s creating personalised ads for people who already visited your website or a similar one . In other words, it’s a way to increase your marketing ROI by getting more conversions from your pay-per-click ad spend.

Imagine targeting people who are almost definitely interested in what you’re selling, but who got distracted in the moment—

or who intended to buy later, but forgot to bookmark your website. Remarketing is all about honing in on warm prospects like these.

But how does it work?

  1. A user visits your website or consumes your product.
  2. They get tagged with a cookie
  3. They get automatically added to a remarketing list.
  4. They start seeing your ads everywhere.

And tada! You can now remind your visitors of the product they were so interested in while they’re browsing the internet, whether they’re on social media, or on other sites.

Cool isn’t it?

Example 2 of a Geeky Tech Google Remarketing campaign
Example 2 of a Geeky Tech Google Remarketing campaign
Example 2 of a Geeky Tech Google Remarketing campaign

Why should you use remarketing?

You may be wondering: “Why should I spend my money on remarketing?”. Well, I’m going to let YOU answer this question yourself.

Who do you think is more likely to buy from you?

People who are already interested in your product or a similar one?


People who never visited your website and don’t even know about it?

You got it right!

Retargeted customers are three times more likely to click on your ad.
And four times more likely to convert than new customers

Not only is this form of online advertising very effective but it’s also cheap, as you pay only when people click on the ads and the cost-per-click is low.

So— if you’re still wondering why you should use remarketing, here are 4 things you’ll get from this advertising tactic:

Geeky Tech Google Display Ads example
Example of Geeky Tech Google Display Ads latest campaign
Example of Geeky Tech Google Display Ads latest campaign


Remarketing gives you unlimited targeting power and makes your brand easily reachable. 

And as they say: out of sight out of mind. If people don’t see your brand again chances are they’ll forget about you.

So you need to be seen a hundred times in this digital world full of distractions if you want to be remembered.

68% of agencies and 49% of brands are already reallocating their budgets to retargeting. 

And you? What are you waiting for? 

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