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This month, we’re focusing on digital advertising—what it is, what we offer, and how PPC is the perfect complement to your organic SEO strategy. What better way to show how powerful advertising can be than to introduce you to Sapio Sciences, one of our media partners?


Scroll down to find out how we increased Sapio Sciences’s ad conversions 

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A Little More About Sapio Sciences

Sapio Sciences is an integrated lab information management system (also known as LIMS). What does that mean? It’s an SaaS product that facilitates the flow of test samples and the management of data in laboratories, all of which is designed to improve lab efficiency. 


Gone are the days of mad scientists scribbling their notes and complex formulas on stacks of paper and mammoth chalkboards only to be transcribed by some unfortunate lab technician.


In the context of advertising, Sapio Sciences represents a niche, B2B SaaS product with a very specific target audience. 

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Sapio Sciences’s Ad Strategy Before We Started Working With Them

By the time we met the team behind Sapio Sciences, their ad campaigns were already struggling. They had been taking care of their own advertising, but couldn’t dedicate their time and attention fully to their campaigns. They knew their ads weren’t performing, but after a thorough PPC audit, we discovered that there were quite a few reasons behind it:

Ode to an SEO Strategy

We can’t really talk about Sapio Sciences’s ad campaign strategy without bringing up another major issue: its site optimisation, or lack thereof.


The biggest problem was that the people behind Sapio weren’t thinking like their customers, and therefore, they didn’t have the right keyword strategy to organically attract their target audience. 


(When you spend money on advertising, you better be damned sure your website is dressed to impress. Don’t waste your money on paid media if your website still looks like a dog’s breakfast. Otherwise, your audience will bounce right off the page the moment they land.)


Obviously, we also had to whip Sapio’s SEO into shape.

Find out how we increased Sapio Sciences's page-one rankings by 3450%

What Sapio Wanted & How We Could Help

We knew that despite Sapio’s unique selling point, it wasn’t the only LIMS on the market. While it definitely needed a healthy dose of SEO to boost its organic traffic, it also needed an extra push to kickstart sales. 


Fortunately, it had an amazing product that lab managers loved.


In short, what they needed was help scaling up their ad campaigns and a website that was designed to attract the right customers. 

Our Approach to Advertising

If you haven’t noticed by now, Geeky Tech has developed a certain predilection for—nay, dependency on—data. In fact, all of our SEO and advertising tactics are tested and data driven, meaning we get real cranky when we see other agencies try to spoon-feed their customers fluff instead of actually doing the really geeky work.


The same goes for our media services.

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What We Did to Help Sapio Sciences

The first thing we did was set up Sapio’s conversion tracking properly. Then, we took over the account and revamped the marketing strategy starting from the bottom of the marketing funnel. 


We then introduced their search ads to the modern era and began a retargeting campaign after we created relevant audience segments in Google Analytics. 


With everything set in place, we slowly optimised the bottom of the funnel until we started seeing more results and better conversion rates. When we were satisfied with our results so far, we then used a budget increase to tap into the middle-to-top of the funnel with a demand generation campaign. 


Little by little, we expanded the budget until we had a fully optimised full-funnel strategy.

Sapio Sciences Since We Set Up Their Programmatic Campaign

We didn’t just set out to increase Sapio’s conversion rate but to also lower its cost per clicks rate. 


Here’s how everything turned out since we took over in November 2020:

Sapio Sciences Ranking Results Over Nine Months ​

Learn More About Sapio Sciences’s Success Story

The marketing team at Sapio Science was amazed by the amount of targeted traffic that started pouring in. That’s the beauty of data and why we let the results speak for themselves. 


Now, Sapio Science is a leader in laboratory information management software.

Results like this aren’t as far away as you think. Let’s build a strategy together.
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