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Condia Case Study

How On-Page Optimisation Increased Conidia’s Organic Site Traffic by 129%

Last week, we cracked open SEO and shone a light on on-page optimisation: what it means, why it’s important, and what’s involved in the process. We learned that on-page SEO (aka on-site optimisation) boosts your rankings in Google, increases site traffic, and enhances your customer’s experience.

Condia Case Study

This week, we’re going to see just how important this step really is. We can’t think of a better customer to use as an example than Conidia Bioscience, one of our SEO customers. 

A Little Bit More About Conidia

Conidia Bioscience develops, manufactures, and supplies rapid fuel-testing kits for the aviation, marine, and land diesel sectors. For those of you not in the know, fuel-testing kits are kind of exactly how they sound: They test diesel and jet fuel for microbial contamination, which can save these industries sky-high wastage and labour costs.


While Conidia’s FUELSTAT® kits sound pretty high-tech—and don’t get us wrong, they are—they’re also easy for customers to use, especially with the company’s own FUELSTAT® Result App. Accurate test results show up in just 10 minutes, which means customers from all over the world can use these kits without needing to outsource or wait for an expert to visit their site. 

Conidia Bioscience’s New Website

Conidia Before We Worked on Their Site

Prior to speaking with the Geeks, Conidia already had a 40% market share in the commercial aviation sector. While this is no small number, the Conidia folks were only selling their product through global distributors, but their website wasn’t pulling its weight. 


Even though it was a well-established fuel-testing company, its site had zero optimisation, no keyword strategy, and whatever backlinks it did have were being wasted by the site’s high volume of cannibalised pages. Google couldn’t recognise Conidia Bioscience for the powerhouse that it was because whoever originally built the site hadn’t gone through the proper SEO checks or understood keyword strategy.  


For a company that was trying to expand its customer base in the aviation, marine, and land diesel sectors, a non-existent digital presence was proving to be a major problem.

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What Conidia Wanted and How We Could Help

It’s weird to say this, but COVID-19 gave Conidia a unique opportunity. In 2020, when air travel had come to a screeching halt, all those grounded commercial aircrafts needed more frequent testing. Elsewhere, businesses who relied on backup generators were also in need of diesel fuel-testing kits. Conidia’s product was in high demand…now, if only it could show the digital world it existed. 


We knew that SEO could help the company increase its authority and get noticed by the industries who needed these tests.


That’s where we came in.

How On-Page Optimisation Was the Key to Unlocking More Site Traffic

We rolled up our sleeves, pushed up our glasses, and got to work.


But before we even touched Conidia’s website, we wanted to make sure we were all on the same page. We sat down with the leaders of the company to learn more about its business structure, its flagship product, and its business goals. This helped us lay the groundwork for our keyword research and competitor analysis.


As you know, we can’t do on-page optimisation without first having our list of high-value keywords. To do that, we reviewed their existing site and digital presence and then went behind enemy lines to find out what their competitors were up to. 


By understanding how Conidia’s competitors achieved their rankings, we were able to develop a clever strategy to outrank them. 

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Our Approach to On-Page Optimisation

While we always follow the basic principles of on-page optimisation, every website’s needs are different. One of the first things we did with Conidia’s website was reduce its number of pages in order to simplify its site structure. In case you forgot, confusing and irrelevant pages that don’t provide the user with much value can eat away at a website’s rankings.


The customer asked us to help them redesign their new website (which their previous agency couldn’t do) and we were happy to oblige. we recommended a full WordPress website redesign. Our designers made sure the new site was fast, mobile-friendly, and would appeal to decision-makers in the aerospace, automotive, and marine-based industries. 


Our on-page SEO team ran through our 100+ point checklist to make sure that there were no technical blocks affecting their Google rankings. We also went over every page element to improve and optimise the user experience. This included navigation, mobile-friendliness, and keyword density. Conidia was now in a position to compete with other websites.

Off-Page Optimisation

Once we made our on-page fixes, we tackled Conidia’s off-page SEO. This is the last crucial step in the SEO process, and it gives Google the signals it needs to recognise the site as a trusted authority. 


How did we give Conidia off-page credibility and establish it as a market leader in its industry? We set up a series of off-site mentions, customer testimonials, and backlinks from other high-authority websites. Combined with a solid brand outline, these links gave Conidia the social proof it needed to make its digital presence reflect its real-world authority.  

Conidia Bioscience After We Applied On-Page Optimisation

It usually takes up to six months to see SEO really work its magic. We recently pulled the numbers from Conidia’s first eight months with Geeky Tech, and here’s what we found:

Conidia Ranking Results Over Ten Months

Find Out More About Conidia Bioscience’s Success Story

Conidia was amazed by how many customers started reaching out to them. Now, when you search for ‘microbial fuel testing’ in Google, Conidia is the first organic search result you’ll find. By applying our tried-and-tested SEO strategies, we helped Conidia get noticed by their target customer and achieve the rankings it deserved.


Do you want to learn more about our strategy or get more stats about Conidia’s SEO results? Check out the full case study

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