Recent Facebook Ads Update Causes Issues for Advertisers

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Recent Facebook Ads Update Causes Issues for Advertisers

Facebook Snippet Added to Blacklist

Earlier this week, our Geeks stumbled across the news that Facebook Pixel has been added to a blacklist used by Adblock and Adblock Plus.


Facebook Pixel is a snippet of code that’s placed on websites to allow marketers to create targeted audiences. Because this isn’t tracking ALL visitors anymore, it’s now causing issues with retargeting ads.

Recent Facebook Ads Update Causes Issues for Advertisers

It could take some time for Facebook to remove themselves from this list, which is why advertisers need to be aware of how this will affect their Facebook Ad campaigns.

How This Update Will Affect Your Ad Campaign

There are two main issues with this update. First of all, not all visitors will be included in customer audiences, which will result in opportunity loss. Secondly, the exclusion lists you created for subscribers or customers will be included and targeted again.

adblock facebook remarketing

In Summary

Advertisers who are retargeting their audiences will no longer be able to target all potential customers, leading to an overspend on those who have already signed up/bought into the product.

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